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I am PhD student, doing research on computational neuroscience. I love what I do, and also love teaching. I have experience in machine learning (supervised and reinforcement learning), genetic algorithms, robotics and software security. I also have a good taste for object oriented design, pattern application and good software development. I am a native Spanish speaker and speak/read/write English somewhat fluently, as I have been studying in the US for almost three years now.
Python expert help Python - 6 years experience
I have used python along the different jobs I had. I used python as an automation tool when doing security assessment on websites. I have also used it as a teaching tool in an introductory course on robot programming. Currently I am using python as a fast prototyping tool for my robotic experiments.
Java expert help Java - 9 years experience
I have used Java a lot during my Engineering undergraduate studies. I have also used it at work, mainly for my current computational models. The Operating Systems course I though had java as its main language too.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 6 years experience
I have also used this language during my undergraduate studies. Currently, I use C++ to program robotics modules for my robot experiments. Usually, I migrate the prototypes in python to C++ when performance requires so. The current software being developed by undergraduate students for RoboCup is coded in C++ too.
C expert help C - 2 years experience
I have done little work in C programming during my undergraduate studies. Among those, I have programmed a kernel module to implement a mailbox and some image processing assignments.
Sql expert help SQL - 2 years experience
I learned SQL during my undergraduate studies and have used it as part of my job as a IT security consultor. I also used PHP+MySql in a website I implemented for a family business. I haven't used SQL for a while but I am confident I can remember everything really fast.
Perl expert help Perl - 2 years experience
I used perl shortly as part of my IT Security consultor job. We used it mainly as an automation tool to fetch web page contents, involving socket programming, low level HTTP or SMTP protocol handling and regular expression parsing.
No icon Linux - 9 years experience
I have used and managed linux boxes everyday for the past 9 years. Currently, I manage a small 9 box GridEngine cluster.
No icon R - 4 years experience
Used to plot and perform statistical analysis for my Comp. Science PhD dissertation.
No icon Pascal - 2 years experience
Used it through my undergraduate student studies.
No icon Modula - 2 years experience
Used it through my undergraduate student studies.
camera_info_manager_py 2   6
Subset of the C++ camera_info_manager ROS package for Python camera drivers
tateti 2   0
C D C++ Shell Python FORTRAN
robobulls2 0   4
Robotic soccer software for lego-based differential robots
C C++ CSS HTML Eagle QMake Shell Prolog Arduino JavaScript Processing Objective-C Protocol Buffer
robot_pose_fslam 0   2
Fast Slam implementation as a ros node using identifiable and 3d localizable landmarks
ball_tracker 0   1
A ball tracker algorithm that recognizes a ball on the floor from one NAO camera image and applies a Kalman filter make the tracking part