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Matthew Knippen

Matthew Knippen

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Head of Product Development / Co-Founder at Windy City Lab

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
Specialties: • iPhone/iPad/iOS Development • Product Management & Development • Lean Startup • Entrepreneurship Would you like to see the list of applications I have worked on that are in the App Store? Check out my TapFame profile: https://tapfame.com/matthew-knippen/ With a strong background in Objective-C, iOS Applications and Apple products, I keep my primary focus on developing applications for the iPhone and iPad. I am able to promote what I am doing well with a large amount of sales experience. Having both the tech side and the sales side is not a common trait. I am the type of person that if I do not know the answer to a question, I know how to find it. I am constantly expanding my knowledge base in every possible direction, and in the process becoming more of a valuable resource. I am also a very hard worker, and ready to handle whatever is thrown at me.
4 Swift
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
I've been using Git since college to turn in homework. I've setup a team of 6 developers and came up with branching strategies, as well as handled dozens of merge conflicts.
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
I was at WWDC when Swift was announced, and have been using it ever since! I've built several apps that are on the App Store, and can help out with the basics, or go into higher order functions, with everything in between.
ticket-manager 3   0
CS Project
C Ruby Objective-C
FriendRater 2   0
RoR app for rating Facebook Friends
dragongoclient 1   0
A native iPhone client to the Dragon Go Server
Ruby Shell Objective-C
IITCS430Project 1   0
NSDate-TimeAgo 1   0
A "time ago", "time since", "relative date", or "fuzzy date" category for NSDate and iOS, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, iPhone, iPad
Ruby Objective-C
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Have worked with many developers. This first conversation showed a lot of power and background. Best of all - a willingness to critique and improve my specs. Have already planned follow up session.
Michael Bonner Nov 02, 2016

Matt is a consummate professional and very knowledgeable about iOS dev topics. He can also provide great architectural advice on how to build apps that are fundamentally sound. Highly recommend!
Nick Talwar Jun 29, 2016

Matt has helped me multiple times and could not be more pleased.
Ric Murray Jun 20, 2016

Best iOS programmer on codementor.
Omayya May 09, 2016

Matthew was great, very quick to understand my problem and come to a few recommendations around what I should do to solve it. Very knowledgeable about the iOS platform as a whole and experienced with different types of apps. Thanks!
drew gillliam May 04, 2016

Helped me to create a chat from scratch on Parse that works perfectly
Omayya Apr 27, 2016

Knippen could probably teach Steve Jobs a couple of things
Omayya Apr 14, 2016

Matt really takes an interest in the app, which is why he's a great mentor.
Omayya Apr 12, 2016

Larry Combs Apr 09, 2016

Matt assisted debugging dealing with UIMapKit with ease
Omayya Apr 06, 2016

Matt did it again and solved some complex issues i had with Parse Cloud Code
Omayya Mar 30, 2016

Great help from Matt
Omayya Mar 29, 2016

Matt solved my issues as always
Omayya Mar 28, 2016

Great help again!
Omayya Feb 09, 2016

Matt: The Elon Musk of iOS programming
Omayya Feb 02, 2016

Matthew is simply the best. Very knowledgeable, helpful, precise and concise. Worth every penny!
David Sweeney Jan 28, 2016

They call him Matthew Jobs the second!
Omayya Jan 28, 2016

Matthew was an excellent help! He managed to resolve my problem very efficiently whilst also being able to explain the solution to me in great detail. I would definitely recommend him!
Alice Jan 26, 2016

Very helpful! He was able to offer alternative methods of solving my problem than the approach I was using.
Todd Zusman Jan 25, 2016

awesome !
Ionut Rusu Jan 22, 2016

Matt is very knowledgeable and super helpful. He patiently listens to my problem and solves them in no time and then went on to offer some of the best practices to follow to avoid getting stuck next time. Thanks!!
Victor Adu Jan 18, 2016

Great help. He pointed me in the right direction to solve my problem. Great job!!!
Luigi Jan 18, 2016

Always a great help!
Ric Murray Jan 13, 2016

Matt Knippen is one hell of a iOS programmer. If you have an iOS app with Parse.com as your back end, he is your go to guy.
Omayya Jan 12, 2016

Made quick work of a tricky issue. Also helped me figure out how to convert a tableview controller to a nested view controller in a few minutes.
Josh Woodcock Jan 12, 2016

Matthew was very friendly and helpful, and most importantly helped me understand and resolve my issue.
Bryan Ryczek Jan 04, 2016

Matthew has, by far, been the best mentor I've used. I highly recommend him. He has a mature knowledge of Swift and focuses on MVC design. Extremely helpful. I'm going to use him to help me refactor.
David Sweeney Jan 01, 2016

Matt was helpful once again. His knowledge is limitless.
Omayya Dec 29, 2015

Matthew Was very well skilled. He solved our issues and he really know what he talks about he also provided some nice tips and tricks. Thank You Matthew for a fine session
Jesper Christiansen Dec 28, 2015

Very helpful, unfortunately we couldn't fix the issue but that was not his fault. Willing to help and seems to know his stuff so would recommend!
kris Dec 28, 2015

Matt is super talented and exceptional. Solved my difficult problem with ease. I'm so working with him again!
Victor Adu Dec 28, 2015

Great help from Matt once again. Really takes an interest in my project to help me through it with very helpful suggestions. His iOS knowledge is unmatched.
Omayya Dec 22, 2015

Can't say enough good things about Matt. It's astonishing the amount of knowledge he possesses about Xcode programming. Helped me with all issues again with ease and was patient as I was learning.
Omayya Dec 21, 2015

Matthew continues to be a great help to me and my project.
Ric Murray Dec 21, 2015

Once again, Matthew is one of the most knowledgeable mentors on here when it comes to xcode and Parse.com implementation. He is truly an expert.
Omayya Dec 21, 2015

Matthew did a great job and with a quick turnover! 5 stars!
Phil Wright Dec 12, 2015

Matthew is a great teacher with a deep understanding of swift with Parse.com implementation. He quickly helped me solve my complicated issues with little effort and explained it to me along the way. He also gave me some very good tidbits for improving the efficiency of my code.
Omayya Dec 12, 2015

Matthew is a great instructor! Very thorough and fast. I look forward to future sessions with him
malcolm parrish Dec 02, 2015

Definitely helpful with all of my questions and issues. Has provided a great jumping off point to continue my work. I will definitely return to mentor in the future for more learning.
Ric Murray Dec 01, 2015

Matthew was great, he really knows what he's talking about and stuck with me till the end to solve my issue, he's a great mentor
Solly Faks Nov 29, 2015

Mattew is excellent! Concise, precise, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him as an iOS mentor!
David Sweeney Nov 28, 2015

i got an extremely satisfying answer to all my questions! he was great!
Alex la Nov 13, 2015

Matt is very knowledgeable and patient to listen and help out as best as he can. Will book again.
Victor Adu Nov 13, 2015

Very courteous and helpful. In addition to the problem solving, he advised better solution.
Michiko Perry Nov 12, 2015

Matthew was very knowledgable about the subject and cognizant of the time. He helped me implement a few features that I was having difficulty implementing myself. I would definitely recommend him and I'll be using him for any further assistance in the future.
Shawn Murray Nov 10, 2015

He was able to answer many questions that I was not able to find online searching. Thanks so much.
Michiko Perry Oct 28, 2015

-Very knowledgeable for organizing complicated codes into simpler and easier way that is very important when coding. -Very courteous and friendly manner when attending. -I really appreciate his help. Thanks!
Michiko Perry Oct 27, 2015

Matthew was clear and efficient with an obvious deep knowledge of the topic. I would definitely use him again.
David Sweeney Oct 26, 2015