Senior Big Data Consultant, Apache Hadoop Developer

Thomson reuters
Sep 2017 - Present / 8 Months

Developing a big data platform on AWS for storing, analyzing and providing financial documents...


Senior Big Data Consultant, Apache Hadoop Developer

Roche Polska sp. z o. o.
Jun 2017 - Nov 2017 / 5 Months

Working on smart search project, a roche application providing search engine for medical...


Apache Hadoop Developer

Epam Systems sp. z o. o.
Jun 2016 - Jun 2017 / 1 Year

Apache Hadoop Developer leading on Big data project for Aviva UK. Fetching, processing and...


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Mobile development
Big data
Asp. net, c#

When idea of PillBox was born in our minds, the biggest challenge for us, was to develop a reliable mechanism in the "heart" of every module. We had to be sure that the delivered meds won't get stuck inside or block the whole module. We were working hard, because without being completely sure that the mechanism is safe and reliable we wouldn't risk endangering other people lives. As we all know, every country have different medications available on the market. They differentiate from each other in shapes and sizes. Our goal was to create as much universal mechanism as it is possible to make our product available to use not only in the US, but in every country where there is a need for our solution. We are aware that it could take us a little longer than planned to obtain complete database of different meds, but we are already working on it and we know at which stage we are and where we are about to be. We’ve tested a lot of different mechanisms and ideas to make it 100% reliable. After the creation of fourth prototype we are already sure that our invention is working reliably, stable and is universal to use with different type of pills changing only one element in the whole construction. It gives us the opportunity to create a well engineered solution, independent from geographic borders Now, when we have fully working prototype, the common risk that we need to be aware of is moving the prototype into real product. After a few experiments we know that we have more than one way to take our PillBox into the production stage.


Java5 years experience

I have been working with java on multiple projects in all fields: commercial, government and startup. I am a able to develop full solution with Java on my own, fully...


Software development5 years experience

I have been working with java on multiple projects in all fields: commercial, government and startup. I know good coding and software development practices and I am...


Big data2 years experience

I have been working in big data area for over 2 last years. I am really fascinated by this technology and eager to master it. I am able to fetch large amount of data,...



Polish, English
Warsaw (+01:00)
Available for hire


5 years
Software development
5 years
Big data
2 years