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Mitchel Sellers

Mitchel Sellers

C#/ASP.NET Architect Available (Microsoft MVP, DNN MVP, Author)

Central Time (US & Canada) (-06:00)
Microsoft C# MVP, DNN MVP, Business Owner, and experienced software developer. Has a wide variety of experience with .NET technologies and education of development teams on best practices etc. See LinkedIn profile for detailed review of experience.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 10 years experience
I've been working with JavaScript since early 2000 or so. I have experience working with JS standalone as well as integrating with ASP.NET, PHP, and other languages.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
Been using HTML & CSS since I was a child. I'm great with implementation, but do not do the creative PSD -> HTML & CSS side of things.
Csharp expert help C# - 10 years experience
As noted before, this is my language of choice. I'm also a C# MVP so I do everything I can to stay current.
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
You can't write applications without a database for the most part. SQL is another every day tool for me. Focusing on performance & optimization I have a good base of knowledge on SQL.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Been using jQuery for a long time and have experience integrating jQuery & .NET which is not always as easy as it should be.
ANTS9PerformanceDemo 0   0
Demo application used for showcasing ANTS Profiler 9
C# ASP CSS JavaScript
CKEditorProvider 0   0
An HTML Editor Provider for DNN using the CKEditor.
C# ASP CSS HTML JavaScript
DNN-Blog 0   0
The official blog module for the DNN Platform
ASP CSS HTML JavaScript Visual Basic
dnn.appinsights 0   0
A module to use Visual Studio Application Insights with the DNN Platform CMS
C# ASP JavaScript
Dnn.Platform 0   0
DNN Corp Platform Repository.
C# ASP CSS PHP HTML XSLT Erlang Batchfile Smalltalk JavaScript Visual Basic
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Mitchel was very helpful and clear in his responses. Great session, thank you!!
Joshua Rutheiser May 11, 2016

I really enjoyed working with Mitchell. He understood my problem very quickly and we solved logically and quickly. I understood everything he was doing and will be better equipped to handle similar problems in the future.
Robert Wilkinson Mar 11, 2016

Very pleased with this session. Mitchel was able to dive into my code and give immediate relevant help with good explanations about how to fix the immediate problem and how to avoid the same type of problem in the future.
Robert Wilkinson Feb 15, 2016

Very good work. Quick and efficient with full explanation of what needed to be done.
Robert Wilkinson Sep 22, 2015

Excellent session. I had spent hours trying to find a solution, and everything I got via Google was actually wrong for my problem. Mitchel solved it in no time at all.
Robert Wilkinson Sep 15, 2015

Mitch is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He focused on real-world development problems and and can talk in depth about a lot of different issues. I can't wait for our next meeting.
Larry Eisenstein Sep 13, 2015

Very helpful. Very efficient with time. Will use again for similar types of problems.
Robert Wilkinson Jul 16, 2015