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Miroslav Kuťák

Miroslav Kuťák

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777+ sessions, #1 iOS & Swift Mentor in 2016, senior iOS dev, co-founder @Movez LLC

Prague (+01:00)
Czech, English
5+ years of professional iOS developer experience (iOS 4-10), 20+ AppStore apps, Czech Technical University graduate. Obj-C & Swift, strong in OOP patterns, Jenkins CI, Auto-Layout, Responsive Design, GIT, RESTful API's, Multithreading, In-App purchases, Push Notifications, Firebase, Parse, Backendless, Google Analytics, OneSignal, Branch.io, AWS, Fabric, Facebook SDK, Instagram, Uber, Twitter, OAuth2, Braintree Payments, Apple Pay, ... you name it:) When it comes to iOS development, I am your guy! Excellent English, experience in Czech, US, CA and UK startups. Co-founder and CTO of Movez. I'm here for you. Let's talk!

I'll implement free backendless backend for standard user account services. Server hosting is for free.

Advanced Photo Editor

Advanced Photo Editor

$300 - Delivery in 3 Days

Photo editor with: - photo color adjustments - filters - cropping - rotation - overlays - vignette - sharpening http://photoeditor.forbidd.com/

Hi, I'd be pleased to introduce you to many mysteries of auto-layout and empower you to leverage this amazing technology!

Features: Feed Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Logout Push Notifications User Profile + Edit Profile Likes Comments User search Following Report photos Photo Upload Deleting Photos User photo list Followers List Followings List Swift 2, iOS 8 and 9 Backendless

Fix iOS Code Signing issues

Fix iOS Code Signing issues

$120 - Live Session

I'd love to help you out if you are stuck with some apple mess. Code signing, certificates, signing identities, provisioning profiles, devices, production, development, all of that fun.

Features: Feed Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Logout Push Notifications User Profile + Edit Profile Likes Comments User search Following Report users Followers List Followings List #hashtags

Get your user's location to serve more relevant content! Let me help you with setting things up and integrate this functionality without hustle.

Facebook Login

Facebook Login

$150 - Delivery in 1 Day

Make it easier for your users to join your app by logging in with Facebook. Get more users in your app and retrieve valuable data for your service!

Dependencies not quite right? I'll fix this common problem for you. Failing to build in Continuous integration? No problem. Anything related.

iOS Chat app template + Backend

iOS Chat app template + Backend

$777 - Delivery in 3 Days

Chat app features: - chat window - list of conversations - push notifications - contact search - reporting users - registration, login, forgot password Technologies: Swift 2, iOS 8, 9 Backendless

I'll make your app development cycle faster by implementing continuous integration tools to your project.

Offer Up Clone Features: - Local items search - Items categories - Popular near me - Invitation links - Posting a new item - Registration - Password Reset - Facebook login - Twitter login - Item detail - Search filters - Messages - Sharing via email, sms, facebook, twitter - User Rating - Notifications list - Push Notifications - Following - Report User Swift + Backendless.com

PubNub group chat app for iOS

PubNub group chat app for iOS

$333 - Delivery in 1 Day

I'd love to provide you a simple group chat app using the popular PubNub framework. Get real time messages to your app!

I'd love to enhance your iOS app with in-app purchases. Monetise your app effectively via consumable products or subscriptions. Beware, Apple fee is 30%!

Features: Feed Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Logout Facebook and Twitter Login Push Notifications User Profile + Edit Profile Likes Comments Pin search Following People, Boards and Themes Report photos Photo Upload Deleting Photos User's Boards Followers List (People, Boards and Themes) Followings List (People, Boards and Themes) Swift 2, iOS 8 and 9 Backendless

Features: Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Logout Push Notifications Featured Feed User Profile + Edit Profile Report people Snap sending Snap viewing and deletion with timer Contacts QR code scanning Swift 2, iOS 8 and 9 Backendless

Features: Feed Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Logout Push Notifications User Profile + Edit Profile Likes Comments Revine #Hashtags Pin search Following People Report videos Video Upload Deleting Videos Followers List Followings List Explore Editor's Picks Watch all user's videos Swift 2, iOS 8 and 9 Backendless

I'll guide you through the painful process of submitting a new app to the AppStore creating all the certificates, filling the submission info, etc.

I'd love to help you out with storyboard transitions, unwinding a segue or changing window's root view controller.

62 iOS
57 Swift
44 Xcode
20 Objective-C
17 Firebase
16 Interface builder
11 Git
Swift expert help Swift - 2 years experience
Started programming in Swift the day it became available. Since then, I built multiple iOS apps in Swift, one of which is actively used by thousands of people worldwide.
No icon Objective-C - 5 years experience
Started developing iOS apps with Objective-C in 2011. Built multiple consumer apps used by thousands of people worldwide.
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
I am primarily an iOS developer with a background in game development, agencies and entrepreneurial ventures. I started programming in my 11 years and proved to be very creative and talented. My biggest driver is to be involved in a great project, making great things happen. I’m passionate about stunning graphic design and animations while having strong analytical skills to design and realize complex app architecture. I love to keep things simple, clean and efficient. Obj-C & Swift, strong in OOP patterns, Jenkins CI, Auto-Layout, Responsive Design, GIT, RESTful API's, Multithreading, In-App purchases, APNS, social integrations, Parse
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Working with multiple developers on iOS apps.
No icon Xcode - 5 years experience
Worked with Xcode IDE from day 1 of my iOS development.
No icon Interface builder - 5 years experience
Always using Interface Builder & Storyboards in my projects in order to provide support for multiple devices. Expert in Auto Layout, Size Classes and Storyboard references.
No icon Parse.com - 2 years experience
I have been using Parse.com in many projects, especially social apps and chat apps.
No icon Firebase - 1 year experience
I have worked on 4 commercial projects using firebase so far: a chat app, a restaurant menu and ordering system, bus location tracker and a location-based audio experience app.
No icon Backendless - 1 year experience
I have written many apps using backendless, mostly social networks and geolocation-based apps. Besides writing in Swift and Objective-C, I have written backend code too, in JavaScript and in Java.
RACollectionViewReorderableTripletLayout 1   1
The custom collectionView layout that can perform reordering of cells by dragging it.
Ruby Objective-C
HelloGit 1   0
IPDFCameraViewController 1   0
UIView subclass with camera preview, live border detection, perspective correction and an easy to use API
CKCalendar 0   0
A sleek, easily customized calendar control for iOS.
Deeno 0   0
Ruby Swift
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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RS1234 Jan 18, 2017

Amazing skill - very knowledgable.
MZ Jan 10, 2017

The best!
Patrick Cary Jan 09, 2017

As always very helpful. In this instance setting out the steps taken and making it clear where further research into third party lib is required.
Richard Allen Jan 08, 2017

Miroslav quickly jumped in and helped me with some things I couldn't figure out through tutorials and video courses. Almost perfect English accent, too. I was pleasantly surprised.
Scott Jan 02, 2017

Miroslav was very helpful. With no technical background, I was able to understand the process.
Lisa Kim Dec 31, 2016

Knowledgable and friendly.
Andrew Dec 31, 2016

Patrick Cary Dec 29, 2016

Miroslav is alway patient and super helpful at explaining the subject. Which at the moment was reviewing my code and seeing if I had the correct implementation when it comes to custom xibs setup as headers
Diego Dec 20, 2016

professional metor
Alexander Kamarov Dec 15, 2016

Thorough knowledge!
Furqan Dec 02, 2016

Amazing session! Worked through all issues and was extremely helpful!
bradly pool Dec 01, 2016

Miroslav is amazing at what he does. He works fast and comes up with solutions that work! I recommend him to anyone looking to get a project built, for consulting or for learning!
Anton Livaja Nov 24, 2016

Great as always. A true pleasure to work with.
Gregg Perkins Nov 20, 2016

Very professional, eloquent and experienced!
Aaron Nov 19, 2016

the man.
Evan Witt Nov 16, 2016

Awesome. Miroslav helped me with a problem that I was struggling with for a few hours. He figured it out in a few minutes then walked me through the changes.
Brian Jones Nov 09, 2016

Really helpful and solved the problem quickly!!
Rich Allen Nov 08, 2016

Always knowledgable.
Serg Masís Oct 31, 2016

Miroslav is the gold standard
Evan Witt Oct 31, 2016

Great! Very knowledgable!
Serg Masís Oct 31, 2016

Miroslav is professional , friendly and quick. He also took his time to explain what the issue was just in case I came across it again in the future. I highly recommend him to anyone here on Codementor. Thank you so much for your help! Advin
Advin Illa Oct 23, 2016

Great help as always.
Derek Turner Oct 20, 2016

Very professional and great to learn from
Leon Smith Oct 15, 2016

Super helpful and fast, even on a rare issue.
David Keene Oct 12, 2016

Awesome!! Got the problem solved in about 5 minutes that I had spent a day on!
Brad Caldwell Oct 11, 2016

Once again was very helpful
Leon Smith Oct 05, 2016

Was very good, and was quick to understand my problem and fix it.
Leon Smith Oct 04, 2016

Miroslav is quite patient with all my questions, as I like to learn, and I really appreciate this most about him. He solved a couple of my problems today pretty quickly. And he also taught me some things that were much easier fixes then what I had been trying to do. There are a couple most challenging issues I can't figure out that does take more time and I appreciate his honesty on where his experience lies and that he even did some research for me on his own time, which is great!
Scott Edwards Oct 01, 2016

We did a video/audio session. He was friendly, patient and seemed quite knowledgable. My issue is complex and he seems to have a good idea on how to handle it, but we ran out of time to finish, so I'm gonna use him again tomorrow. I have no doubt that he will figure it out.
Scott Edwards Sep 30, 2016

Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 26, 2016

Miroslav helped me out with every problem in a very short period of time!
Chris Sep 25, 2016

Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 23, 2016

Very helpful.
Michael Moynihan Sep 21, 2016

Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 20, 2016

Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 19, 2016

Amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 17, 2016

Amazing, as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 17, 2016

excellent, solved my problem quickly
Peter Schleinitz Sep 15, 2016

Great mentor. Takes the time to make sure I understand the how and why.
Derek Turner Sep 14, 2016

Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 14, 2016

Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 13, 2016

Amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 13, 2016

Amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 11, 2016

Very patient, very responsive.
BZ Sep 10, 2016

He's amazing.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 10, 2016

Smart, and fast.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 10, 2016

Awesome developer. Helped me work through a difficult issue.
Derek Turner Sep 08, 2016

Intelligent, friendly, and fast.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 07, 2016

Quickly helped me figure out my problem and pointed out a misunderstanding on my end with Firebase.
Brad Flora Sep 05, 2016

He's amazing.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 05, 2016

Intelligent, and friendly.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 05, 2016

Miroslav was awesome! He's patient and takes the effort to explain what he's doing every step of the way. Thanks again! :)
Sebastien Sim Sep 05, 2016

Amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 05, 2016

Fantastic as always
Patrick Cary Sep 02, 2016

He's brilliant, plain and simple.
Fayyazuddin Syed Sep 02, 2016

Always a positive experience!
bradly pool Aug 30, 2016

He's amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Aug 29, 2016

really knowledgable and can help make sure everything works at a high level... recommend.
michael curylo Aug 22, 2016

Miroslav is not just helpful with complicated programming topics but he also understands the lacunae of deployment.
Evan Witt Aug 22, 2016

I've been working with Miroslav for a few months now. He always deliver. I'm really happy to work with him.
Abner Aug 14, 2016

Great sensor. Fixed an issue I've got for months in less than 15 minutes!
Jonas Kristensen Aug 08, 2016

Miroslav is an extremely talented developer. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and was able to jump straight into my code to help me answer tough development issues.
Matthew Orahood Aug 07, 2016

Amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Aug 05, 2016

This guy is amazing, as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Aug 04, 2016

Amazing as always.
Fayyazuddin Syed Aug 01, 2016

Truly excellent.
Gregg Perkins Aug 01, 2016

Very patient. Very gentlemanly.
Basel Farag Jul 28, 2016

For those of you movie buffs, and are familiar with the movie "Pulp Fiction", then let me tell you that Miroslav is "The Wolf". He solves problems. Doesn't panic, doesn't worry, always knows what to do, and knows how to figure out what the problem is. He's that good. Plain and simple.
Fayyazuddin Syed Jul 23, 2016

Amazing as always!
Fayyazuddin Syed Jul 23, 2016

Miroslav is so quick to pick things up. He's truly an awesome help.
James Docherty Jul 23, 2016

He's a rock star!
Fayyazuddin Syed Jul 22, 2016

A gentleman, and a scholar.
Fayyazuddin Syed Jul 21, 2016

Thank you Miroslav for another great session. I learned a lot.
Alan Millar Jul 19, 2016

Miroslav is the man. He's smart, he's friendly, and he's fast. After working with him, I will not go with anyone else. I know what to expect from him, and I get nothing but solid results. Period.
Fayyazuddin Syed Jul 09, 2016

Miroslav is a gentleman, and a scholar. Plain, and simple. He's smart, he's friendly, and he's fast. Amazing!
Fayyazuddin Syed Jul 08, 2016

High quality session as usual. Thank you.
James Docherty Jul 06, 2016

I learned a lot from this session! And my issue was solved much easier than I thought!
Karin Andersen Jul 04, 2016

Superb as always! Covered a lot of ground today...and I really like Miroslav's unflappable style. Very calm and thoughtful. Excellent stuff!
James Docherty Jul 01, 2016

Excellent session...more to follow
James Docherty Jul 01, 2016

helped solved all my problems that i've been stuck on for days very helpful
Shane Reichenfeld Jun 30, 2016

Very helpful. Diagnosed the problem quickly and helped me move forward. Exactly what I needed.
James Docherty Jun 30, 2016

As always, it was a great experience and all questions were answered!
bradly pool Jun 27, 2016

Very excellent and helpful, helped fix all of my code issues fast and easy!
Shane Reichenfeld Jun 27, 2016

Wonderful experience with Miroslav. He was very patient and knowledgeable in what I was struggling with before our session. Thank you!
bradly pool Jun 27, 2016

Very smart, very friendly, very fast. I will definitely use again!
Fayyazuddin Syed Jun 25, 2016

Great working with Miroslav. He is friendly and happy to help me in any problem area. We are meeting again next week for another session. I look forward to it.
Alan Millar Jun 24, 2016

Good session
Gregg Perkins Jun 13, 2016

Miroslav was very responsive to my slightly unusual request. He carried out a code review and presented a report as expected. Great work.
Mike Linskey Jun 04, 2016

Great as usual
Stijn van Lieshout Jun 03, 2016

Very helpful!
Brandon Baker Jun 01, 2016

This guy knows his stuff, he was very helpful and quick to find the issues. I will hire him again whenever I have questions about iOS development.
Crysfel May 31, 2016

He's smart and quick
Evan Witt May 28, 2016

He's great and went through some tasks with me perfectly
Pat May 22, 2016

I faced a problem that I thought was a lot easier to solve than it actually was. Miroslav helped me understand the bigger picture by restructuring a big part of my project. The sessions took an hour and I learned a lot from it. Thanks!
Stijn van Lieshout May 22, 2016

great help!
Allison McEntire May 20, 2016

Job well done!
Patrick Cary May 17, 2016

AMAZING skills and knowledge
zaid alhasani May 16, 2016

Another great session. He is patient, is methodically, and works fast. Highly recommended.
Chee Vue May 10, 2016

Great teacher. He solved my problem, and providing a more elegant solution to the issues I have.
Chee Vue May 09, 2016

Clear and concise! Job well done.
Patrick Cary May 06, 2016

Very helpful!
Aaron Williamson May 06, 2016

Thanks Miroslav. It's always a pleasure to work with you.
Abner May 03, 2016

Miroslav is an awesome mentor, he really does helps you a lot!
Solly Faks May 01, 2016

Fantastic Mentor - cannot recommend enough!
Nnamdi Apr 28, 2016

Really good mentor. Knew what he was doing perfectly, very knowledgeable, very very nice. Solved all my problems and had a lot of patient to explain me everything as he worked. Really recommend him!
maria carolina xavier Apr 28, 2016

He is a very good mentor.
Ben-Smith Bortey Apr 24, 2016

Larry Combs Apr 23, 2016

Love working with Miroslav. He's a genius!
Abner Apr 23, 2016

Really impressed with Miraslov expertise!
Abner Apr 19, 2016

Great!! This guy is an expert! Thanks!
Abner Apr 18, 2016

Great as always
Serg Masís Apr 18, 2016

Quick hands-on instruction
Serg Masís Apr 18, 2016

Great session
Stijn van Lieshout Apr 17, 2016

Great insight
Serg Masís Apr 16, 2016

Callam Apr 15, 2016

Clearly explained how I could solve my problem. Easy to follow. I'd use his services again.
Stijn van Lieshout Apr 12, 2016

Very good insight
Serg Masís Apr 12, 2016

Great feedback. Definitively pointed me in the right direction.
Serg Masís Apr 11, 2016

He's the best!
Patrick Cary Apr 11, 2016

He is so kindness and knowledgable ! great.
Hajime Kuge Apr 11, 2016

Fantastic mentor, very patient - and fully explains every decision made. Thank you!
Nnamdi Apr 09, 2016

Awesome and fast!
David Keene Apr 08, 2016

Fast and knowledgable.
Jesse Richard Apr 04, 2016

Great guy. He doesn't just get to the point where you wanna go. He makes sure he finds the most effective solution for your problems. And he explains it such an easy way to understand.
tyildirim Mar 30, 2016

Excellent mentor. Solved my issue withing minutes.
vivek takrani Mar 29, 2016

The Best! Miroslav can solve any problem. Thank you for all your help!
Peggy Mar 16, 2016

Miroslav was incredibly helpful and patient. He even encouraged me to explain what I was having trouble understanding. Will continue using him in the future!
Daniel Rodas Mar 15, 2016

Excellent explanation on the issue I was having regarding proper use of the MVC model. Will definitely reach out to again, Thank you!
Diego Mar 14, 2016

Great person, helped me a lot
Ahmedshubber Mar 14, 2016

Really knows XCODE and Swift.... perhaps a little too well
Jacques Fu (FM) Mar 01, 2016

Miroslav is very helpful and fast! Great session.
David Keene Feb 23, 2016

Miroslav was great. I am very happy with his performance and help! GREAT JOB.
Max Feb 05, 2016

Mentor was straight forward.
Larry Combs Feb 04, 2016

Miroslav was very helpful. I would continue working with him in the future.
Noel Sagaille Feb 04, 2016

I managed to get real far thanks to the greatest mentor I've ever met!!
Peggy Feb 03, 2016

Thank you for a super great session! So pleased and happy!
Peggy Jan 29, 2016

Had a long session to discuss several stuff, but the insights and the chat was seriously awesome!
Stanley Jan 28, 2016

Would like to work with this mentor forever!
Peggy Jan 28, 2016

Very thorough and knowledgable
Haider Khan Jan 18, 2016

Miroslav helped me right away by figuring out the linker issue with parse that was causing the problem.
Anuj Purwar Jan 18, 2016

Knows Swift! We quickly saw that he would be able to solve the problem. We solved it and then he gave me some help with getting started on my task.
Jacques Fu (FM) Jan 15, 2016

Excellent Mentor! Very kind, helpful and intelligent. Helped me solve a problem which others could not. Thank you again!!
Peggy Jan 12, 2016

Walked me through step by step till we pinpointed the problem. My mentor was super helpful and patient!
Sourabh Chakraborty Jan 11, 2016

Very helpful advice and some insight into my issue
Travis Matthews Jan 10, 2016

Great session! Worked through the issue that I was facing with great understanding and knowledge. Will definitely be requesting him if I have any more issues that need to be resolved! Thanks!
bradly pool Jan 08, 2016

Very knowledgeable, will work with in future
Travis Matthews Jan 06, 2016

Solved my issue real fast. Thanks
Betül Toruncu Jan 05, 2016

Really helpful and punctual, also tried to explain some concepts and gave some advice :) Will definitely come back
Stanley Jan 04, 2016

Fantastic. Not only was he able to identify my issue, but he was also able to provide the best solution. Highly recommended!
Patrick Cary Dec 31, 2015

Great, very helpful and knowledgeable!
Patrick Cary Dec 28, 2015

Very knowledgable, patient, and helpful.
Patrick Cary Dec 22, 2015