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Catalin Gabriel Miron

Catalin Gabriel Miron

dev@maniac, react, react-native, electron

Bucharest (+02:00)
Romanian, English
I'm a react, react native and electron player, open source enthusiast.

I'll help you with any React js related problems or questions that you might have. I can help you with state vs props, lifecycle methods, flux

Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
I was really attracted by this concept and library since from it's beginnings. I'm using react in all of my project.
No icon React native - 1 year experience
I can built iOS app from scratch using react native, fetching data from APIs and show them on the screen.
No icon Redux - 1 year experience
I love Redux. It's just the simplest way to set your entire app state tree and help you manage the state with ease. I played with in in both reactjs and react native worlds and it was fun.
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
Used for open source and private projects
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
Before, I was a designers and I couldn't hire a developer to do the interaction part with javascript and so, I learned javascript.
No icon Web scraping - 1 year experience
I scrape websites usign nodejs and save the entries in a mongodb and create a restful API after all the jobs are done.
Node js expert help Node.js - 1 year experience
MongoDB CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) tech with nodejs and express.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 7 years experience
It's impossible to be a front end developer without html and css.
No icon CSS - 7 years experience
I really enjoy making animations
No icon Less - 4 years experience
"Less is more" tagline fits perfectly. Less it's a great CSS pre-processor that I've been using for the last 3 years+.
No icon Phoenix framework - 1 year experience
I'm just starting with this framework as so with the elixir programming language. It's a great framework and easy to getting started with. I've been using it for real time communication, build a twitter clone and chats.
react-native-dribbble-app 1400   239
Dribbble app built with React Native
Java JavaScript Objective-C
react-native-weather-app 34   12
React native using Open Weather API - http://openweathermap.org/api
JavaScript Objective-C
weathereact 10   4
Reactjs weather app using Open Weather API
CSS JavaScript
electron-react-weather-app 10   0
An Electron and React powered app for Weather.
CSS JavaScript
reactjs-dribbble 7   0
An Reactjs app which fetches data from Dribbble API
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Pretty good
Could've been better
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Catalin helped me fix an issue implementing a feature in a React Native app. He was very diligent and patient in getting to the bottom of it. Looking forward to working with him again.
David Gonen Feb 16, 2016

Great Help!
Leonardo Braga Jan 05, 2016

Excellent !
Phyllis Bennett Dec 14, 2015

Catalin is very knowledgable and patient. He knew exactly what was wrong with my code within 2 minutes of examining it. He is definitely very experienced with React and ES6/ES7. Catalin is friendly and is willing to explain concepts very thoroughly. I would highly recommend him if you are having trouble with any JavaScript code.
Juana Dec 14, 2015

very knowledgable in react, excellent job in timely manner. looking forward to working again
Arjun Nov 20, 2015