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Experienced Software Developer, Information Security Enthusiast, Hacker, Visionary & Dreamer!

New Delhi (+05:30)
B-Tech, Computer Engineering, Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, India. Have been working on web technologies (php, javascript, MySQL, html, css) for more than 4 years and now a days I'm working more on c,c++ and C# based windows applications, web services using php, c++ or both, chrome extensions to extend browser's/websites'​ capability and information security projects. I'm passionate about JS and JS's capabilities drives me crazy. I love JS based animations, and building JS libraries and I feel its magical, how mathematical formulas give such awesome designs when plotted on pixels. I have a decent experience with information security particularly web application security. Have written a library to mitigate CSRF in web applications. I have worked on Chrome Extensions & Mozilla add-ons, and must say they are awesome in the way we can extends browser's capability with it! Open Source contributions: OWASP Foundation, PhpMyadmin Project, Mozilla foundation, Matrix Org

I'm author of OWASP CSRF Protector PHP - its a plug and play php library to mitigate CSRF vulnerability in web applications. I'll implement it in your project in given time.

Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I have worked a lot in javascript, especially jQuery. I have written few jQuery libraries as well.
Php expert help PHP - 3 years experience
I have worked on several php projects, created php libraries and contributed to open source projects like phpmyadmin, owasp phpsec, CSRF Protector PHP etc.
Python expert help Python - 1 year experience
Mysql expert help MySQL - 3 years experience
No icon Apacheconf - 2 years experience
CSRF-Protector-PHP 43   30
CSRF Protector library: standalone library for CSRF mitigation
PHP ApacheConf JavaScript
jquery-digitalwrite 21   4
jquery plugin to write charecters in digital format in a 5x5 matrix
HTML JavaScript
image-jigsaw 19   7
jquery plugin to easy convert any image to image based jigsaw puzzle
HTML JavaScript
mod_csrfprotector 10   6
apache 2.x.x module, for CSRF mitigation
C C++ Shell JavaScript
movie-name-extractor 10   2
Mostly file-names of movies are encoded so as to transmit maximum information with it. This repo contains code in different languages to parse these names and get information out of them.
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Great and efficient mentor! Walked me through debugging a callback in javascript, and helped me reach a solution. He provided commented code and resources to further learning, would certainly recommend.
Mike James Sep 27, 2016

Thank you for all your help with this time sensitive matter!
Tiffany Lo Aug 15, 2016

Great, very flexible. He is confident in his abilities and will not only fix your problem, but help you understand the process.
Sam Guerrero Aug 12, 2016

Very fast and knows what he's doing! He went above and beyond to make sure he helped me fix the problem I was having with the caching of my style.css file. I will for sure be hiring this mentor again!
Victoria Myrand May 02, 2016

This guy is awesome! So fast, smart and fair. I've hired him twice now and I'm sure there is third time coming too.
Tuomo Tompuri May 02, 2016