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Michael Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

UI/UX designer, front-end and WordPress developer with 8+ years of expierence.

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Spanish, English
UI/UX designer, front-end and WordPress developer from Miami, FL with a little over 8 years of experience. During my career as a designer/developer, I've lead numerous of projects on all aspects. From design and coding, to server/cloud setup, branding, social media, marketing, sales, fundraising, etc. I can do it all in this digital world. I'm big on open-source projects, and open API's. I like keeping up with industry standards and love doing research. Some of my skills include: HTML, CSS, Sass/Scss, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, SEO and all things WordPress. I'm also familiar with and have a working knowledge of Ruby/Rails, C, CoffeeScript, Git, Server config and more. I'm currently the CEO at Greater Than Media and the CTO and lead developer at Up N Atom Education, LLC. Take a look at my work: www.mikerodriguez.me
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
I can speak HTML/CSS better than any language, including English. I've been making websites in HTML/CSS since I was 14 years old. I'm an expert in HTML/CSS and have developed my own CSS Reset framework and Grid system.
No icon Sass - 3 years experience
Once you go Sass, you'll never go CSS again. Sass/SCSS redefines and extends the way you write CSS. I use Sass on 99.9% of all my projects.
No icon Scss - 3 years experience
Once you go Sass/SCSS, you'll never go CSS again. Sass/SCSS redefines and extends the way you write CSS. I use Sass on 99.9% of all my projects.
Wordpress WordPress - 6 years experience
I love WordPress. I have been using WordPress for over 6 years now and it is the most flexible CMS out there. WordPress is a powerful CMS that powers over 18% of the web. I am a WordPress theme developer, a plugin developer and a core contributer to the WordPress platform.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 6 years experience
Javascript/jQuery developer of 6 years. Developed a few jQuery plugins. Expert in implementation of jQuery plugins, including jQuery UI.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
JavaScript is what fuels interactivity on websites. I'm a traditional JavaScript expert, but I must admit, I prefer working with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery.
Php expert help PHP - 7 years experience
PHP Developer of 7 years. Experience with different PHP frameworks and have developed many PHP based web applications.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 2 years experience
CoffeeScript brings out the beauty in JavaScript. I love it and I love teaching it's ways.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
Just learned (and still learning) AngularJS and the power it possess. I can help you with beginner to intermediate concepts in AngularJS
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Using Git on most of my project helps me stay organized and share my code with other developers. Git is essential to all development project now a days.
acf-paypal-field 18   5
PayPal Field for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin.
CSS PHP JavaScript
bbgi-kim-peasey 0   0
Kim Peasey Dining Contest Landing Page
CSS PHP JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Michael is a great teacher. He helped me with my WordPress problem, explained every step along the way and went above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend him!
Nick Jacob Jan 14, 2015

Michael was very helpful, insightful and great at explaining some issues I had with a PSD to WordPress custom theme dev project.
Andrew Behla Jan 10, 2015

very fast and easy to understand. did great and helping me!
Stephanie Gordon Roy Sep 18, 2014

Very helpful, Very friendly. Good understanding of skillset
Cade Embery Sep 12, 2014

Very helpful with all my javascript/jquery and PHP needs.
Josiah Sep 11, 2014

He was really helpful in talking with me and helping troubleshoot the issue I have was having, until we got it working.
Brad S Sep 11, 2014

I keep coming back for more, so he can't be that bad:)
Josiah Sep 11, 2014

great mentor, very proficient in html and css. would recommend him to anyone needing help
Anthony Sep 10, 2014

This was my third time working with Michael and hopefully not the last:)
Josiah Sep 08, 2014

Michael was quick, and assessed the ultimate cause of my problem despite it being a complex and convoluted issue. He worked through the code step by step, and helped me get to the solution to a very frustrating problem.
David Streever Sep 06, 2014

I needed someone with an in depth understanding of working with ACF fields in nested loops in custom Wordpress installs I couldn't have found a better mentor for this task. Michael is not only extremely knowledgeable and patient but is also very easy to understand. He not only helped me resolve my issue, he also helped refine my code structure and gave me tips to better organize my code and comments in future projects. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Joshua Sep 05, 2014

I will continue to work with Michael. He has a fantastic attitude and knows his stuff.
Josiah Sep 05, 2014

I was very stupid, I knew that. But mentor was amazing! and gave me a better perspective than many others. Liked learning form him. I might work with him again too.
Geek Sep 05, 2014

I was really pleased with my session with Michael. he fixed my problem, and explained where I had gone wrong. He also pointed out other issues I had not realised. Will certainly be using him again
Bemi Irone Sep 05, 2014

This mentor was flat out a pleasure to work with. I will be in touch with him again.
Josiah Sep 04, 2014