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Speaker, author, startup advisor, opinionated framework evangelist and product guy who codes. Fmr. UI Architect @yahoo. I use JavaScript, Elixir and Swift daily Usability and customer delight are what I love thinking about and working on. I'm a software engineer with a strong product development background, and proficiency in a wide array of programming languages and tools.
No icon Architecture - 15 years experience
Ember js expert help Ember.js - 5 years experience
I've been using Ember.js since the early 1.x releases, and am a contributor to Ember, Ember Data, Ember-CLI, and a huge number of addons in the ember ecosystem
Node js expert help Node.js - 8 years experience
No icon Elixir - 1 year experience
No icon Phoenix - 1 year experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 15 years experience
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
Git expert help Git - 10 years experience
Devops expert help DevOps - 8 years experience
No icon CSS - 15 years experience
No icon Chrome extension - 3 years experience
ember-cli-materialize 299   114
Material Design (via Materialize) for Ember.js Apps
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript
ember-api-actions 243   20
Trigger API actions in ember.js apps
CSS HTML JavaScript
ember-material-lite 143   46
Material Design Lite for Ember.js Apps
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript
ember-phoenix 94   9
Phoenix Framework integration and tooling for Ember.js apps
HTML JavaScript
ember-load 89   5
Application loading UI for Ember.js apps
CSS HTML Shell JavaScript