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Michal Pecek

Michal Pecek

Network Design Engineer and SW developer at Google.

London (+00:00)
Czech, Italian, Slovak, English
I have 18 years experience in Telecommunication ranging from software development, through software testing, customer support, operations of telecommunication networks,to design of multilayer/technology transmission networks. I have extensive knowledge of data manipulation, automation and software development in Python, Javascript, AngularJS. I speak following languages: Fluent: Slovak, Czech, English, Italian Conversational: German
3 Python
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
I use python to write automation tools for management of telecommunication devices and also for back end development of web applications.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 3 years experience
I have designed and implement numerous projects using MySQL database. I can create complex relational database models and CRUD process using SQL and/or python.
No icon Web development - 1 year experience
I have one year experience in developing SPAs (Single Page Applications) in AngularJS.
No icon Bitcoin - 2 years experience
No icon Telecommunication - 15 years experience
I have extensive knowledge in automating management of optical transport devices via TL1 protocol.