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Michael Rebello

Michael Rebello

iOS Dev | 2 Startups Sold | 315k App Downloads

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I've built several apps on my own (315,000+ downloads), have founded 2 startups whose primary products were created for iOS (both acquired - 2015 and 2016), and am currently an iOS engineer at Lyft in San Francisco. I am extremely fluent in Objective-C and Swift 2.2/3, and have a fair amount of experience with JavaScript, PHP, Apex, SQL, SOQL, and C++.
13 iOS
10 Xcode
6 Swift
4 Objective-C
No icon Objective-C - 4 years experience
I have 4 years of in-depth experience with Objective-C development, and use the language regularly on a daily basis. Projects I've worked on have included countless integrations with other libraries, SDKs, and external APIs (including Google, Salesforce, Parse, etc.), and I have a very solid understanding of many of them. If you have any questions, I'm happy to help!
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
I'm a huge fan of Swift, and have used Swift 2.2+ quite a bit. It's an awesome language to code in, and would definitely recommend starting new iOS projects with it.
Ios expert help iOS - 4 years experience
Much of the development I've done in the past has been on iOS using Xcode, and I've been working with the platform since iOS 5. Apps I've created range anywhere from games to productivity applications, so I'm very familiar with many different architectures both on the client- and server-side.
No icon Xcode - 4 years experience
Used Xcode as my primary IDE for iOS projects.
Sycamore-OAuth-ObjC 0   0
This repository provides an example of how to use Sycamore Education's OAuth login system in Objective-C.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Great support, well versed on my subject and very helpful!! Looking forward to working with him again.
Tracy Oct 05, 2016

Was able to solve my issue and also explain the reasoning behind the changes.
Josh Vandergrift Jul 29, 2016

I had a Swift + iOS + Storyboard + custom reusable UIViews + xib loading issue ... and Michael helped me fix it!
Jay Liew Jul 29, 2016

My next session with Michael was very great again! Between our calls he even figured some stuff out to solve all my problems. We built the entire basic structure of the app i had in mind and explained where i have to go from here. Feeling very happy with this mentor, so this wont be the last time i work with him. Can only recommend!
Leon Schreiber Jul 27, 2016

First session done and already feeling great, next one is also scheduled - Michael will help you with your problems if you contact him and explains everything you want to know.
Leon Schreiber Jul 26, 2016

Michael was great helping me solve what was becoming a headache of an issue. He ran through what he was doing at all times, happy to answer my questions and queries along the way. Highly recommend!
Brad Adams Jul 25, 2016

Fast. Simple. Great Guy. Elegant. Beautiful. Sense of humor. Nice. Smart. //End Tags
Jack Gabbay Jul 24, 2016

Super helpful and attentive! Was able to identify everything down to xcode's crazy syntax errors. Saved my life!
eden mekonnen Jul 20, 2016

Michael was very helpful, knowledgeable, and got straight to the point in helping me fix my bug. Highly recommended!
Charles Wong Jul 19, 2016

Great guy. He helped me with my problem and gave me vauleable advise moving forward.
john Jul 16, 2016

Michael was great! Easy to understand, friendly, very aware of my time. I would definitely use Michael's services again. He was a great mentor as well. He helped me understand how to do everything.
Nathanial Michaud Jul 15, 2016

Definitely knowledgeable - quickly helped a roadblock I was grinding on for a long time. Also helped with some tips to prevent a couple of potential future blockers.
Jason V. Jul 13, 2016

Made the impossible possible. I'm in awe.
Antonio Agudo Jun 22, 2016