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Matt Glaman

Matt Glaman

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Matt is the US Team Lead at Commerce Guys. He is an open source developer who has been working with Drupal since 2013, and doing web development for many years prior. Since then he has contributed to over 60+ community projects, including becoming a co-maintainer of Drupal Commerce. While mostly focusing on Drupal and PHP development, Matt has created the ContribKanban.com, an AngularJS application to provide kanban boards for the Drupal community to collaborate on.
Drupal expert help Drupal - 2 years experience
I started in Drupal about 2 years ago, but would say I went "full Drupal" a year ago. Since then I have attended three DrupalCamps - and spoke at one (https://fldrupalcamp.org/florida-drupalcamp-2014/session/rockin-responsive-content-panels-layouts) Since then I've become the maintainer of a few modules and helped contribute back to the community - https://www.drupal.org/u/mglaman I specialize in back end development, with work in front end. My expertise is in the Drupal Commerce and Panels ecosystems.
Php expert help PHP - 4 years experience
After I wrote my first HTML site I asked myself "How do I create a site where users can login?" Since then I've taught myself PHP to write a few custom applications, unfortunately all lost to time. My skill greatly solidified with my Drupal work. I had an understanding on how to work with PHP and do OOP, but I lacked a coding structure - which I gained through that community.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
I started out building HTML sites using Notepad. I've done front end development with CMS's for customized customer sites, such as - https://justcamo.com - http://tcgrx.com
Seo expert help SEO - 2 years experience
At my agency I worked to bring in SEO as a paid service for customer sites. Specifically when utilizing a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. Here is a link to a SlideShare I've used to speak on SEO + Drupal at a few local meetups: http://www.slideshare.net/MattGlaman/rockin-search-engine-optimization-in-drupal
conductor 94   3
A Composer user interface built using Electron.
CSS HTML JavaScript
platform-docker 28   11
Local development tool for PHP platforms using Docker Compose
PHP Nginx
contribkanban.com 22   7
ContribKanban.com - turning Drupal.org issue queues into kanban boards to better Drupalkind
CSS HTML JavaScript
intellij-drupal-run-tests 14   1
Provides a run configuration that executes Drupal's test runner (for Simpletest, Unit, Kernel, Functional, FunctionalJavascript.)
drupalorg-issue-tracker 7   2
Chrome application to provide a simple method for keeping track of Drupal.org project issues.
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Great Mentor! He fully understands Drupal and all its intricacies.
gilron charles Jan 24, 2016

An exceptionally well-versed mentor in Drupal and all it's intricacies, I learned more in a two hour session with Matt than I had in the previous week watching tutorials on my own. Will definitely be consulting with him for all my future Drupal needs.
Paul Oct 02, 2015

Good expertise, crude honest and really helpfully. I'll recommend his mentoring to my friends.
Nahuel Carvajal Sep 01, 2015

Matt knew a lot about Drupal and completely solved a really subtle problem. Never would have figured it out by myself. Will definitely use Matt again.
Bruce Schatzman Feb 17, 2015