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Michael Gattozzi

Michael Gattozzi

Backend Developer, Systems Programmer, and Linux Enthusiast

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
It's hard getting started with programming. I'm here to help! With experience developing for 2+ years, and a Linux user for 5+ years, I can help you get up and running with your code/system in no time.
Python expert help Python - 2 years experience
I use Python to write scripts and other small programs for my system.
Java expert help Java - 5 years experience
Java was my introduction to programming and I've learned a lot from it starting out. While not the language I actively use I'm more than familiar enough with it to help others out and have mentored beginners with this language.
C expert help C - 2 years experience
This was/is a requirement for my College CS Degree and I've been using it to both understand systems programming and Computer Science in general. I use it when I require low level bindings for certain features.
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
I've been using git actively since I learned about it to control all of my source code for revision. An essential tool for a programmer, I'm always delighted to find new uses for it that help my work flow.
No icon Linux - 5 years experience
I started using Linux with an old Knoppix Distro Live Cd on my old tower computer from the early 2000's from there my love of Linux grew. Today I'm an experienced Arch Linux user who almost exclusively uses the command line. I'm comfortable with configuring Linux as well as fixing a broken system, willing to spend hours to find a solution to a problem
No icon Vim - 2 years experience
One of the most confusing and frustrating things to learn at first but now something I'm completely comfortable with. It has become so ingrained in my work flow that I'll find myself hitting escape in text boxes on the internet just to switch modes when I can't.
No icon Arduino - 1 year experience
As much as I love working with code sometimes you really need to get down to the bare metal. Arduino has been fun to learn because it puts tangible results right there for one to see once the code compiles and runs.
No icon Raspberry pi - 2 years experience
I love the Raspberry Pi and have set mine up at home as a small server to store data as well as experiment and run test code on arm processors to make sure it can run.
No icon D - 1 year experience
I started learning D to find a systems language that solved most of my frustrations with C. D has filled that void. While I love the language it hasn't really taken off as much as Rust has, and I've learned the language more to keep myself learning/being a polyglot.
No icon Zsh - 4 years experience
My shell of choice, easily extensible, and one that I will continue to tinker with for a very long time.
No icon Rust - 1 year experience
I've been using Rust since it's 1.0 release and have actively been programming a shell written in the language. I've immersed myself in the wonderful community and documentation, striving to improve my mastery of the language daily.
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Let's build a scheme interpreter in Rust!
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