What StackOverflow insights tell us about JavaScript

Published Mar 17, 2018
What StackOverflow insights tell us about JavaScript

Being a JavaScript lover, when I found StackOverflow's insight of different languages for the year 2018; the first thing came into my mind was to check how the things around JavaScript is going on.

From their last year insight I already knew JavaScript is already the most popular language around the globe; but I was also kinda afraid of JS loosing its popularity as webassembly is being strong.

Fortunately nothing to worry my dear JS developers. Everything is cool down here. And here is a small comparison of StackOverflow's insight of 2017 and 2018.

The popularity is still growing

1 programming languages.jpg

3 most loved language.jpg

In 2017 66.7% developers were using/familiar with JavaScript. However in 2018 the percentage increased by 5. Definitely the new users are more tend to use JavaScript and probably the old ones are also onboarding themselves to JavaScript. Really good for the community.
Another good takeaway here is to see Typescript growing. I strongly believe that JavaScript needs the support of Typescript to reach the peak of success.

A light on the frameworks

2 framework.jpg
4 most loved library.jpg

Love you Node

Just look at the amazing jump of node.js here. 27.9% to 49.9%. Even this jump started from 2016. In 2016 insight of StackOverflow, it was somewhere around 17%. So, 17 to 29.9 to 49.9. Now I am hopeful for another big jump in 2019. I might be biased towards my love 😄

Suspicious Angular

Honestly, the massacre I've seen with angular 2, I thought this is high time the community will say goodbye to Angular.
The completely rewrote it and kind of forced the users to use typescript (yeah, I know you will argue that TS is not mandatory, but I also know you have not written any application using JS in Ng2) and also to rewrite their existing applications which are in AngularJS 1.x.
Atleast the angular developers I personally know are not happy with the current Angular.
But surprisingly, the graphs says otherwise. Seems the popularity isn't decreased that much. Yes I can understand the people who already set their skill-set with Angular in 2016 or before will not remove that just because they didn't like Ng2 and following; but there should be lesser newbees for that. Or may be newbees came to know about Angular from their seniors and started with that only. Whatever is the reason, angular seems to atleast hold it's popularity.

Our beloved mongo

5 database.jpg

6 most loved database.jpg

You can use any database with node.js but there is a special chemistry of node with mongo since the beginning.
And it's not bad to see mongo going up one position in the list of most used database. However with the rise of elastic search etc. it seems developers are kind of ditching mongo with the new database girls 😛

Money, the honey

7 payscale.jpg

Is there anyone who does like money? Except the Canadian doctors? I don't really think so. That's why StackOverflow also provide a graph of payslips.

JavaScript developers are underpaid since years and it seems the trend continues. JavaScript ranks near the bottom of the list when it is something about pay-scale. Though it seems there is a very negligible amount of hike in 2018, but I would say this will be normalised with the inception rate 😄 😄

I will always love you

Does the graphs really matter? Mmm... I think for JS lovers, they don't. Irrespective of the pay or any other factors, we will continue loving, developing and contributing to the JavaScript community. Cause we believe this little language which no one used to gave value few years back, have the immense powers hidden in it. So, let's go back and JavaScript.

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