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An effective full stack .Net + client side leader and technical Architect of software projects from proof of concept stages to client delivery. Who lead software development teams while being "hands on" coding in an agile environment. Highly developed intellect and communication skills while embracing excellent business understanding, with sound levels of initiative, an innovative ‘out of the box’ thinker and a true commitment to excellence.

As Software Development Leader. I will help you getting ready to your Job Interview in the IT industry from junior to senior developer to architects and team leaders. Covering Both technical and soft skills matters related to all SDLC. Each session is tailors made to the job description and the CV Minimum 1 hour session.120$ per hour.

Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 11 years experience
Vast experience , over 12 years, gain in numerous projects for enterprise clients.
No icon Software architecture - 6 years experience
Vast experience creating effective, fit for purpose software architecture for all tiers (database to client side).
No icon Application architecture - 8 years experience
Vast experience designing application and solution architecture in numerous projects.
No icon Restful architecture - 5 years experience
Vast enterprise experience designing, documenting and communicating restful architechture
Sql expert help SQL - 8 years experience
Vast experience gained from numerous Enterprise projects
Seo expert help SEO - 7 years experience
Experienced gained in a automated content generators with 98% unique content creating huge funnels of traffic.
No icon Agile management - 6 years experience
An effective agile team leader of enterprise level project of teams counting up to 10 developers.
Wordpress WordPress - 5 years experience
Gain vast experience from multiple projects using wordpress.
No icon Cloud - 3 years experience
Experience gained in several enterprise level projects.
No icon Project management - 3 years experience
Experience managing, leading and delivering successfully enterprise software projects for numerous clients
No icon Source control - 8 years experience
Vast experience on multiple project setting up/ using multiple source control and CI solutions
AjsMvc6Ef7 0   0
Pluralsight course
C# CSS HTML JavaScript PowerShell
bhnvn 0   0
C# CSS JavaScript
GalaxyExplorer 0   0
Galaxy Explorer is the application Microsoft is building as part of the Share Your Idea campaign.
meanStack 0   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
Average Rating
(29 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Enjoyed working with David, clear communicator and very knowledgable in regards to Angular/JS
Joel Davey Sep 11, 2016

Excellent. Very Patient and Knowledgeable.
Marianne Crowley Jun 19, 2016

Very helpful and resoursceful! AMAZING!
Jeff Ward Jun 06, 2016

I requested for David to assist me in mapping out the architecture for a new application. Today we met to go through the high level architectural concerns, key questions to ask the business owners, and my next steps to enable me to succeed as architect on the project. David was knowledgeable and flexible, and filled in gaps to ensure that I was thinking wholistically about all of the relevant architectural concerns. He gave me concrete next steps to help build my capability in essential technologies, and had useful input on frameworks, dev tools, dev team composition, etc. it was a pleasure to work with him.
Shira Jun 06, 2016

David was very knowledgeable and did not waste any time getting to the bottom of the issue.
John Heeter Apr 17, 2016

David is a clear thinker and skilled technologist. He has a talent for keeping the big picture in mind whilst diving deep into the details.
Andrew Tennikoff Apr 05, 2016

David, Was very patient and help me work the idea out. Highly recommended.
Diego Mar 24, 2016

Good first session. I had a very unique app plan, and he was very accommodating.
Mitchell Sholly Mar 21, 2016

Very helpful.
Adam Mar 20, 2016

Skilled and honest. I can assure you he will work until the job is done!
stefano Mar 16, 2016

He took his time to get to know the code before attempting a solution. When he had to do some review he was kind enough to pause the session timer to do so. Even though the problem wasn't completely solved, he gave insight as to the blocker that was preventing him from finding a solution. All in all, a great help in leading me in the direction of working through a big problem.
James Dec 11, 2015

Straight and to the point, David gave sound career advice, which is exactly what I needed. We'll be speaking again in the near future. Thanks David!
Andrew Hunter Dec 07, 2015