The Importance of Having Explainer Video for a Mobile App

Published Jul 26, 2017
The Importance of Having Explainer Video for a Mobile App

The increase of Smartphone usage has witnessed a dramatic rise in the demand for innovative mobile applications. Numerous apps are developed and launched in just one single day. But do they all get the similar response from the users? Nay. Have you ever pondered why some apps top the list of preferences, while others just remain unnoticed?

Well, it is the brilliant marketing strategy that makes the huge difference. You may have created an amazing app, but if you fail to promote it properly, your app will only be a silent backbencher without getting any public attention.

Therefore, if you are developing a mobile application, you also need to frame an outstanding marketing strategy side by side to get the optimum desired results in the end. As a matter of fact, there are various promotion tools to highlight your app in the market, but above all is developing a video explainer, which certainly is proving to be effective nowadays.

Now let’s analyse and find out why the mobile apps need an explainer video:

Providing a Brief Description about Your App

Well, talking about the prime reasons why your app requires an explainer video, one of them of course is that it provides a brief introduction of what your app is all about. You can share your ideas directly to the audiences to boost up the sales. In addition, you can inform them how they can benefit by downloading your app. You can also explain your customers, the unique features of your app that separates it from other apps with similar characteristic.

In fact, you can connect with your target audience very aptly and quickly to built the trust factor.

1. A Short and Apt Visual Will Do Your Job

If you think, you need to create a long explainer video then you might have to alter your decision. The reason behind this is that the users they do not like to spend more than one minute or two in watching a video. So, here lies your challenge; you have to win the battle in that short span of time.

If you are requesting the customer to download and install your app, then make sure that your explainer video is extremely to the point, with interesting and meaningful visuals that has an instantaneous appeal. If you are successful in conveying your message to the customer, you can sell your app within less a couple of minutes! Isn’t that quite amazing?

2. Explainer Videos have become the Focal Point Nowadays

The Animated Explainer Videos have gained the limelight because of its attractiveness and the way it reaches out to the target audiences. As such they are very engaging. You just need to connect your user with the story you want to tell. Another interesting or encouraging fact has come from a statistic, which reveals that around 40% of the people download or buy the mobile app if they are allured by the contents of the video. It is for sure that this will boost your spirit to develop exceptional apps. Moreover, they have tended to become more entertaining, informative and educative.

3. Can Expect the Best ROI from Explainer Videos

One of the key reasons that make explainer videos one of the most emphatic and powerful marketing tools is their high Return on Investment (RIO). It offers you best profitable returns and spreads your message within the shortest possible time. You can easily communicate with the users and give explanations to those which are harder to explain verbally.

4. Establishes a Strong Bond with the Audiences

It’s quite fascinating to note how the explainer videos are able to establish a strong bond with the audiences. Well, here you must give the credit to the animated characters that play a crucial role in driving up your sales and get attached to the customers emotionally. While creating the video, you have to give the impression to the people as if it was exclusively made for them. Once you are able to grab that attention, it’s going to be a win-win situation for your business.

5. Helps in Creating a Unique Brand Identity

By having the animated explainer video, you can be certain of creating a distinctive identity for your brand. This will motivate the users to download your app all the more. You can use your creativity and imagination power to tell the story with the help of colors that recognizes your brand awareness. The viewers will get more confidence through the unique value proportion and they will buy your app.

Let’s Now Windup

The explainer video is a great marketing asset to have in your kitty. There is no denial to the fact that it will promote your mobile application in one of the most interesting and apt ways so as to reach far more audiences on the board. However, you need to keep in mind to make your story and video content appealing so that the user is convinced on purchasing your app.

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