The Battle Between Magento and WooCommerce: Which is Best eCommerce Platform

Published Nov 14, 2017
The Battle Between Magento and WooCommerce: Which is Best eCommerce Platform

The eCommerce beyond any doubt has become a dominant force today and people worldwide have accepted it gleefully. According to NASDAQ, around 87% of consumers in UK have at least purchased one product from eCommerce sites or apps in the past one year. Similarly, another statistics states that the eCommerce market in India, which was about $16 billion in 2013 will increase to $56 billion by the end of 2023.

As soon as the word eCommerce appear before the minds, we seem to get transported into a zone where we can possibly find all items within the pocket estimate and with an array of brands to choose from.

Now if one perceives from the other angle, then a very stern and piercing competition is pervading the market. The businesses sooner or later have to penetrate into the eCommerce model, without which it will be invariably difficult to remain in existence. So, if you are preparing to gear up for the vast eCommerce area, then the choice of a suitable platform becomes inevitable.

When you conduct a search for choosing a good and reliable eCommerce platform, you will be left with a wide assortment of choices. But, since you are competing into the stringent business sector, selecting an unparalleled eCommerce platform that suffices your requirement should be the topmost priority.

Magento and WooCommerce are the two most prominent and leading eCommerce platforms and sternest competitors of one another. Therefore, making a worthy comparison becomes a difficult task when you have strongest players of that caliber. However, let’s be honest in our judgment and compare both on different strata without getting biased.

Comparison on the Basis of Features

It is quite true that the success or failure of most of the eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento depends largely on the features that they are probably loaded with. It is the extravagance of the features that attracts the potential audiences to the core front. Therefore, we can only move forward if we compare the two top platforms on the basis of their features.

The Magento

If we first talk about Magento then it is a free open source platform that can be customized according to the requirements. As the best hosting platform it allows you to host countless numbers of items and products.

Although it is best suited for the companies or the large firms, but it can also provide full support and help in flourishing the small and medium sized industries as well. The platform has its own in-built themes and layout designs for the smooth running of both web and mobile apps. Moreover, the APIs will help in establishing the link with the third parties.

The WooCommerce

The WooCommerce is perfectly giving tough fight to Magento. It’s a powerful plugin for WordPress platform that is proudly hosting about 4,00,000 sites successfully according to a survey. Like Magento it also facilitates its users to add unlimited numbers of products. It is totally a free of cost platform where you have to search your own web host unlike Magento.

Comparing Both on Basis of Benefits and Drawbacks Offered

Now that we have briefly discussed the key features of both the widely used platforms, it is evident to be familiar with what their major benefits and drawbacks are. This will significantly help the users to make the choice and decide which is better.

The Advantages with Magento

Magento is the first preferred choice for most of the users who want to root towards the eCommerce zone. One of the biggest benefits it offers is supporting all kinds of businesses. Secondly, it is a platform that always remains SEO friendly and because of this added benefit, it easily drives traffic to your website or mobile application.

Magento provides an easy space to the visitors browsing your app and assists them in searching the items of their choice. Besides there support available for the international customers, including the choice of multiple currencies. The consumers can book their products hassle free. There is no such concern from security point of view as it has a secured IP and SSL security.

The developers can easily make changes by adding or removing images or videos.

The Wow Factors about WooCommerce

When you opt for the WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform you can be sure of availing full support from most WordPress themes. You only have to pay for the hosting; otherwise it is fully free. The users can get full support from the customer care team as well in developing the app. Like Magento it also has Google Analytics that allows you to track your audiences on the application with security feature of SSL support.

Now Let’s Know Each of Their Drawbacks

Taking the cons of Magento into account, you need at least some basic knowledge on web development if you want to use Magento. Plus, it is still believed to be supportive towards bigger companies. Apart from that if you are choosing the enterprise package, then you have to loosen your pocket a bit more.

On the other hand, WooCommerce will not be suitable and friendly unless and until you have some knowledge on WordPress. In addition, the premium options are pricier.

What about Startups: Will it Prove Worthy

This is a worthy question considering the fact in this present era the startups have achieved phenomenal success and all are connected to eCommerce in some way or the other. Thus, it is interesting to note how both Magento and WooCommerce are helping to boost startups.

WooCommerce provides an excellent platform for the first time entrepreneurs with no knowledge on web development. Its documentation process is worth mentioning along with the guidance it offers via video tutorials that are simple to understand.

Magento is not as supportive and friendlier to a new business owner as compared to WooCommerce. But the user can still obtain help from its excellent documentation that offers some useful features.

The Budget Issue: Clash of Cost

The budget or the pricing has always been a pivotal issue regarding the choice of the eCommerce platform. So, in this round WooCommerce and Magento will clash on the cost factor.

It has been mentioned earlier that since both the major platforms are open source, they both basically offer their services free of cost. Having said that you only have to pay for availing the premium services and pay for the hosting charges.

However, the free service of Magento is only available in the case of community version and if you are willing to opt for the premium package, then it is better recommended to get in touch with their sales team.

Whatever, be the story of pricing, the gist of the discussion is that as a user you can take complete benefit of the free pricing and operate your online store without any difficulty. The only thing where you have to spend some money or invest in your business is choosing the hosting plan depending upon your budget estimate.

Besides that if you want some more additional functionality to join your site then you need the assistance of extensions that are mostly free. And here WooCommerce wins the battle as its hosting prices are reasonable than Magento and is easier to use as well.

The Duel of Loading Time and Performance

Whether it a website or a mobile app, it has to be loaded after the testing process. And this is where both Magento and WooCommerce once again lock horns to view which platform loads at a better speed. Loading speed will also have a big influence on browsing the app or website.

Well, if we talk about the performance, then yet again we have to take several aspects into account namely what hosting provider you are opting for, the content management platform, the size of the mobile app, the addition of features and its functionality. And now it is difficult to decide the winner because both end on equal footing.

One to One on Security

Today most of the developers have become extra cautious on the security factor and don’t want to take any second chance. This becomes even more crucial when there is a question of eCommerce because the entire process from choosing the item, adding it to cart and making the payment is online.

Both Magento and WooCommerce have tried their level best to satisfy their users on this ground. So, let’s analyze if they have been successful in their attempt.

According to the experts they found that Magento was more devotedly secured than its competitor and so it leads the way forward. The potential audiences are usually apprehensive about the private information wherein they share their banking passwords and card details.

Magento is offering security patches which also has some cons. It is not very easy to imply it.

Which Platform Allows to Manage your Stock Well?

eCommerce is one forum where you can display the widest range of products both physically and digitally. So, it becomes essential without saying that managing your inventory is extremely important.

Here again both have given a good competition to each other but in the end, Magento proves better off. WooCommerce has a simple management system for setting the products and those acquainted with WordPress can also expand the functionality.

But Magento is providing extra extensions such as reviews and ratings of the products and also the terms and conditions related to pricing. But if you don’t need the extra features, you can go for WooCommerce.

The Conclusion: Deciding the Winner

Both Magento and WooCommerce fought quite well to win the battle. But after the discussion, we have to finally take a call as who the final winner is. To be very frank in this aspect, you have to choose the platform intelligently depending sharply on your precise business needs.

For instance, if you are a new entrepreneur, then it is highly recommended to opt for the WooCommerce which is more supportive. It is easier to handle and more cost effective.

But if you are choosing Magento Development for your eCommerce business, then you can be sure of getting best in class scalability with additional extensions to increase the functionality. Therefore, it is difficult to pick a winner!

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