Important Tips to Enhance The Visibility of Your App On The Play Store

Published Apr 25, 2017
Important Tips to Enhance The Visibility of Your App On The Play Store

If you are planning to build a mobile app in the near future and looking for proven methods to make it visible and successful on the play store, here, I have provided some importance guidelines in this blog. In the fully loaded play store, when someone wants to add an app, it’s like adding a glass of water in a sea. In such conditions, it becomes very harsh for someone to make dare in accepting challenges for developing an app.

Even though, there are no certain rules or criteria that make any app popular like Whatsapp, everyday, there are numbers of apps get their position in play store. An optimistic move from the stage of conceptualization makes a great impact for your mobile app on gaining good visibility on the play store.

Now start thinking about making proven strategy before commencing your mobile app. List all important factors makes your mobile app popular among your target audience:

  • Find an effectual app concept
  • Understand the importance of the app icon, graphics, screenshots
  • Know the significance of social media
  • Follow proven app optimization methods
  • Strengthen App Marketing Activities

Find an effectual app concept

When developing an app, you need to make comprehensive research and analysis of the app idea. Its relevancies with defined target audience become very important to bestow something innovative to your app users. Developing an app without considering the target audience in mind and through research delivers unproductive outcomes.

Moreover, targeting domestic or global audience has also become a key importance while conceptualizes an app. Also, choose the right category to place your app in the play store.

Understand the importance of graphics, screenshots

In order to attract users, design the screenshots in a more appealing way that helps to allure visitor to download your app. Uniqueness and elegance graphics are also becomes initial steps to draw attention of play store visitors. From an alluring app icon to high definition screenshot as well as furnishing interesting information about app continuing curiosity of visitors to download your app.

Moreover, you can also provide video in the detail page of the app that gives important information of an app with attractive images. Thus, showcase your app in an innovative manner to catch the attention of your visitors.

Know the significance of social media

Nowadays, any news takes no longer time to get viral on the social media. It is a magical platform that helps you to boost your marketing campaign. Announcing your app launching with its attracting graphics and features on social media gives great benefits to make it popular.

There are different social networking sites, blogs and app helps you to make your launch announcement easy and efficient. Utilizing social connection in a smart way boosts your SEO activities that help in increasing traffic on your app.

Follow proven app optimization methods

Your app can be downloaded by visitors only if it is visible or search by them easily. While upload your app on Google play store, you need to consider some important aspects to optimize your app in an efficient way. Make an effective research to find most targeted keywords for selecting the right title of your app.

Google autocorrects words that users search in the play store and give priority to the most popular apps with relevant keywords. Consequently, choosing the searchable title for your mobile app is a prime concern. In addition, description of your app should be meaningful.

Strengthen app marketing activities

If you have a unique and innovative concept with unmatched features and functionalities to target your potential audience, you should make your advertising and marketing campaign more effective. There are several media, including television, newspaper, popular portals, e-mailers, hoardings and many more that people utilize to make their app popular.

You should decide the budget for app marketing before commence its development. If you are looking to earn good profit from your app and make it in demand for public, you should invest big for its popularity. A popular app definitely gives good revenue on your investment.

There are many more other important factors you need to think about such as user experience, recommendation, rating, reviews, etc. Your app rating makes a lot of effect on its visibility as your app stands in top search results if it has a five star rating.

Moreover, user’s reviews also impact on its popularity. Using feedback and reviews of your users, you have a chance to implement it in a better way in your app’s new version. With recommendation option, you have a chance to get good ranking in app search result pages.

Google gives first priority to app with more recommendations. Thus, you should consider all such factors while developing and marketing your app. In addition, price, design, timeliness, and security are also essential to think about.


Even though making an app is not a simple task, the more complicated task is to make your app popular on the play store. There are several stages of mobile app development, such as conceptualization, design, development, optimization and marketing.

If you are looking for a moneymaking app, you need to hire a professional mobile app development company who offers comprehensive services for all your needs. From app development to marketing, all stages need expertise and experience in addition to knowledge of technology and recent marketing activities. The capability to understand changing search trend of Google and play store activities becomes helpful in making your app popular.

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