Important Crash Reporting Tools Supporting the iOS App Developers

Published Oct 17, 2017
Important Crash Reporting Tools Supporting the iOS App Developers

The term crash is not at all a good or positive indication for the application developers. However, unfortunately a number of users have started complaining about the app crashing, which is really frustrating for any of the end user. Of course, this creates a negative impression and as a last resort, the customer may uninstall the app from his mobile phone. One of the specific reasons that often leads to crashing of an application is because of improper handling and use of the crash reporting tools.

The biggest disadvantage of facing an app crash is losing all the important data stored in the smartphone. Therefore, it is highly advisable to devote more time in developing the apps thoroughly, rather than fixing the snag.

So, now let’s have a look at some of the major crash reporting tools for iOS app developers and analyze how it fits into a particular type of business. These tools will help in keeping your customers satisfied:

1. HockeyApp

Well, the HockeyApp is undoubtedly the first preferred choice of the app developers when they want to know the depth and reports related to crash including analytics all at one place. It predominantly helps in testing of pre-versions of the Apple iOS. In fact, it has also been implemented by tech giant Microsoft into the app insight service.

The HockeyApp not only is one of the best crash reporting tool for the iOS developers, but it also extends its support to other essential platforms such as the Android, OS X and Windows. It is best suited for the enterprise apps. Another benefit that this tool offers is that of a free open version known as the Hockeykit that can operate if the developer runs his own server.

Regarding the price of this tool, it would range around $30 to $500 per month. You can also opt for the customized pricing.

2. Instabug

This useful tool was introduced in the year 2013 and since then it has gained the spotlight as one of the significant contributors for streamlining communication. It offers best information in the case of troubleshooting a crash. It has more metadata that helps in debugging at a faster rate.

One of its important features include when any user shakes his mobile, the Instabug will take a screenshot, which gets annotated. This will inform the user as to what specific action needs to be taken when there is a crash problem. The screenshot automatically gets submitted along with other diagnostic. It is regarded for its creativity and innovation. In fact, the end audience finds it quite simple to handle this tool. Moreover, its main objective is to reduce the negative ratings of an app and improve the communication process.

Its popularity can be understood from the point that some of the most renowned Inc. such as Yahoo, PayPal, Asana and Soundcloud etc. are using its services.

This tool is literally suitable for everyone; right from individuals, small or medium enterprises to large companies. It also offers free limited version. But even the standard prices are affordable ranging from $29 to $149.

3. Crashlytics

As far as the crash reporting tools are concerned, it has been rated optimally by the app developers. It offers an added advantage to the users which other tools don’t and that is critically analyzing the reason of the crash detail and then providing the impact level on how you can further proceed. It also sends the alert on what the most important crashes are that you need to focus first.

The Crashlytics is rendered ideal for individual freelancers as well as small business firms. Crashlytics also prides itself for being awarded as the best crash reporting tool in the year 2016. According to a report, about 2.5 billion mobile phone users are actively using it. It is because it offers its services totally free of cost.

4. Parse

Parse is a mid-level crash reporting tool that was included into the team towards the end of the year 2014. What’s special about this new tool is the fact that it not only helps in searching for the trouble but also assists in fixing the same with simple logs and alerts. There is still scope for its growth and it is progressing with the passage of time.

The greatest support Parse is receiving from social media giant Facebook. It is getting stuffed with new features that includes a dashboard for the analytics, cloud modules and code library. Like Crashlytics, it is also highly recommended for the freelancers and smaller companies. For enjoying the free services, you have to avail core or Push package.

5. Xcode

Apple’s new crash tool is still new into the market. However, this tool has already got the appreciation due to its better performance and potentiality. What gives it the upper hand is built-in integration and bundled symbolization features.

One of its major drawback is that the users can share the data only with the users using Apple devices due to which your app will correspond to all smaller sampling data crashes. This crash reporting tool is best suitable for the smaller businesses. It is absolutely free of cost.

6. AppBlade

One of the probable reasons why AppBlade has become a preferred crash reporting tool is because of its optimal security features. It is fully based on Mobile Device Management. Some of the activities that can be performed with the help of this tool include securing app beta, encrypting the user data and totally wiping off the tester’s device with ease.

The charges are very affordable ranging from $1 to $8 per month and so it is recommended best for the small businesses. Its august clientele include PayPal, eBay, Hubspot etc.

7. Crittercism

Crittercism is gaining the attention of the customers and still going strong with help of investments received from Google ventures. The success of this particular tool is evident from the fact it has already crossed over one billion installations from various users. Even the revenue of the company doubled in the year 2015.

The disadvantage with this tool is that the customer has to pay for almost everything for availing its different features such as geo location, customer support and so on. It is only suitable for the big enterprises.

In addition to these all important crash reporting tools, there are various other tools that one can name in the list. They include Buddybuild, Appsee, Bugsnag, Bugsee, Firebase, Countly etc.

Fixing the Crash of the App

Well, if you want to know the process of fixing an app, the best idea would be to consult the app development company, which has an excellent record in these types of activities. Another suggestion would be not to apply the DIY technique especially using the video tutorials as most of them are usually outdated that won’t help your cause at all.


There are a number of effective crash reporting tools that you would come across so as to solve the problem of app crashing. However, ultimately you have to decide what tool you want to opt for getting the best results. As such each of the tools offer specific features and advantages. In fact, some of these are free of cost.

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