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Megan Morsie

Megan Morsie

PHP & WordPress Developer

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
My experience with HTML and CSS began when I was 12 years old with Neopets. I was introduced to custom WordPress themes and plugins in 2013 while I was attending BGSU. I currently work at a travel agency as a front end web developer. I have experience with theme/plugin development, WordPress Multisite, the Customizer API, and various 3rd-party APIs. The last year and a half of my career has been largely rewarding. I have learned how to work with APIs, how to work with MVC frameworks in PHP, how to install/setup and maintain a WordPress Multisite, and how to work with databases using MySQL. My main interests are in the development of WordPress plugins, and integrating new functionality through plugins and APIs. The WordPress community has made a huge impact on my life and inspired me to start a PHP & WordPress development blog at: http://megabyterose.com/ Giving back is a such a huge part of the development community, so I try to help others whenever I can on WordPress Stack Exchange and Codementor. View my WordPress Stack Exchange account here: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/users/84643/
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I started with HTML and inline CSS when I was 12 (through Neopets). It was what got me interested in web development. I have been extensively working with HTML and CSS since I was in high school (graduated in 2010), where I first learned in Dreamweaver. Once in college, I studied Visual Communication Technology and specialized in web design. We worked with HTML, CSS, WordPress, and PHP. I have been using text-editors (Sublime Text 2) exclusively since around 2012. I have been working in a local testing environment (wamp) for two years. I am a stickler for great commenting and using proper selectors. My strongest skill with HTML and CSS is in form styling.
Php expert help PHP - 4 years experience
I started my work in PHP with WordPress when I was in college. I work in local testing environments, have dabbled in MySQL for WordPress and simple application usage, and create a lot of form processing files in PHP for my job. I have worked with a variety of APIs in PHP. I'm very comfortable with using PHP for WordPress and have also used the MVC framework Codeigniter.
Wordpress WordPress - 4 years experience
I started developing WordPress themes when I was in college. I have been developing themes for freelance clients as well as working at my current job for two and a half years. I have worked with The WordPress Customizer, the Settings API, Multisite, and plugins as well. I have a PHP and WordPress development blog at: http://megabyterose.com
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Megan is the best ever. She is patient, funny, and really down-to-Earth and empathetic. She holds your hand and helps you through huge issues that you're having with your code. Tonight, we worked on cleaning up some of my code that was really causing some div tags to malfunction and she patiently troubleshooted everything with me. I really like her and can't recommend her enough. A+++
Todd Squitieri May 01, 2016

Very fast to respond, able to customize and resolve theme issues.
Kendal Miller Apr 03, 2016