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I'm a programmer and entrepreneur. I have done back-end development in a digital media company in Copenhagen for about 4 years, specifically with regard to Java (WebObjects, Apple), metadata aggregation (streams), and file storage (huge quantity of music and video files). I have been the tech lead in building a CMS/eCommerce solution, particularly involving front-end and back-end modules architecture. As an example, I have provided solutions that would enable one to write CSS for a module only knowing it would not interfere with other CSS on the site. Build on PHP + micro frameworks and I have contributed to the OS community for some of these frameworks. I worked with Node.js a lot 3-4 year on personal projects, including my latest initiative: tinycarrier.com. With Node.js, I have done projects for web, API, workers, and with several service integrations. I have been living in Kathmandu, Nepal for the last 7 years and within this period, I have managed to start a restaurant business with great success as well as an apartment hotel, which is currently on its 2nd year and is doing very well. These projects has taken me away from IT development for a year and a half professionally, but not in a private capacity where I'm always reading about and trying out code, languages, and frameworks. I am doing freelance work now. I was hired to resuscitate some badly designed systems and horribly written code by untrained people coded over the duration of three years. Rather than simply fixing or rebuilding the same app, I had several talks with the client over what was absolutely crucial for his business to generate profit. As a consequence, my client and I agreed to discard everything that his previous unskilled developers worked on and base his business on a couple of open source systems with a little coding needed in time. The point being, you can solve problems outside "the box" as well. Inbox me :)

Do you want a second pair of eyes on the code you have produced or have had someone else write for you for any of these reasons: * Is it good enough * Is it safe * Is it efficient * Is it easily extensible * Does it adhere to this and that standard .. then I can help you.

Php expert help PHP - 15 years experience
I've have years of experience with PHP, but also with other languages, which is shown in the quality of the code I write. I've build apps like Magento which involves: caching (invalidation, YEAH!), templating, security, etc.
No icon Knockout - 2 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I've worked with plain JavaScript, with libs like jQuery and frameworks like Knockout.js. I've written frameworks for clients that binds front-end and backend code.
Devops expert help DevOps - 5 years experience
DevOps has become a growing part of many developers lives, mine as well. I quite enjoy having a well run machine when it comes to managing deployment, credentials, multiple setups, cloud, etc. Favourite tools are, terminal, shell, ansible, etc.
No icon Ansible - 4 years experience
I've written extensive playbooks and roles and have gained a lot of experience in how to organize them so that you use them for more than just setting up system.
No icon Mongoose - 4 years experience
I've got extensive Mongoose setup for a larger app of my own http://signup.tinycarrier.com that is under development still. For this app I released mongoose-hidden on npm, that is being downloaded quite often now.
No icon Composer - 5 years experience
Used for years in userland and developed similar code before that.
No icon Shell - 8 years experience
Knowing your fair share of greps and awks is an important part of a developers toolbelt wether it is local development or big devops work.
No icon Npm - 6 years experience
Have developed modules and published. Use for not only development of JS projects but also lots of devops tools.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 14 years experience
No icon Nginx - 2 years experience
I've been using Nginx mostly as proxy/load-balancing and for smaller dev-boxes. I do enjoy the lean configuration files — apache can be overkill.
No icon Apache2 - 12 years experience
Apache server is almost inseparable for a PHP developers toolbelt. I've worked with it so long that I know how to read it's signs of discomfort or plain refusals to start. These days most of my work is done through Ansible templates and commands.
No icon Nodejs - 5 years experience
No icon Magmi - 1 year experience
I've developed for Magento and written plugins for this super fast importer.
mongoose-hidden 19   3
A Mongoose schema plugin for filtering properties you usually do not want to sent client-side like passwords and ids
resume-linkedin 16   7
[DEPRECATED] Builds http://jsonresume.org/ JSON schema from your LinkedIn profile.
HTML JavaScript
elm-fire-grocery 9   1
Simple Elm grocery list app with Firebase backend
CSS Elm HTML Shell JavaScript
combiner 3   2
A tool for combining JavaScript and CSS files based on embedded comments.
fFixture 3   0
Provides an easy way of creating sample data (fixtures) for unit testing using Flourish.
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Michael is a top developer professional with great teaching style and people skills. I learned a lot from him and with his instruction was able to accomplish what would have taken me months to learn on my own. I would recommend Michael to anyone. He is EXCELLENT.
Joseph Schinasi Jun 10, 2016