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I've been working as a backend developer for mobile apps, building JSON APIs with Ruby on Rails hosted on AWS. I also enjoy putting together realtime and single-page apps. I've been recently practicing websockets, background jobs, and learning Volt, Meteor, and React. I'm a very solid Rubyist, it having been my main focus for these past three years. I'm also experienced with general full-stack web development.

I can show you a very quick way to build websocket Rails apps. I've built a gem for this purpose which automates Javascript behavior. It expands REST functionality to enable two way data binding and client-side collections.

Background jobs in Ruby

Background jobs in Ruby

$35 - Live Session

Running background jobs doesn't require a large framework like Resque. I will show you how to build a very concise background job module. I can also teach some advanced skills for shell scripting with Ruby. - Global keyboard macros - Sending code to REPLs

There are a lot of benefits to building an integration test suite. - Test client interaction as accurately as possible - Test HTTP performance - Modular separation between app & test code I can show you simple architecture patterns to make your tests thousands of lines more concise in the long run. This includes: - Abstracting REST communication with Mechanize - error-tolerant code - how to write helper methods effectively. - configuration and environments - testing image...

Ruby expert help Ruby - 3 years experience
Ruby was the first language I learned. I'll shamelessly say I've been spoiled by the readability and utilitarianism. I can teach: - CS fundamentals - how to use lots of ruby gems - Sinatra framework - Rails framework - unix scripting / background jobs
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I tend to do backend development in Ruby, but i still write a bunch of client-side Javascript. I can teach: - CS fundamentals - jQuery / DOM - single-page-apps - NPM packages - Frameworks - React, Meteor, Backbone - AJAX - metaprogramming / writing less code - websockets / pubsub
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
I can teach: - HTML forms - well-structured, maintainable pages - templating languages - CSS selectors, transitions, SASS - How to use templates - Bootstrap - Good style / UI
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 3 years experience
I began learning Rails in 2013, not long after I began programming. I took a brief foray into Sinatra then delved into full-stack Rails at App Academy. Since then, I've been working as a Rails backend developer, building JSON APIs hosted on AWS. I can teach: - all the pieces of a Rails app. - how to keep apps simple, organized, and maintainable - lots of gems - test driven development, especially integration tests (HTTP) - advanced topics: realtime, background jobs, etc.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 3 years experience
I can teach: - DOM manipulation and traversal - events - selectors and attributes - Single-page-apps - admin interfaces / authentication - metaprogramming (writing less code) - infinite scroll, grid layouts, analytics
Amazon expert help AWS - 2 years experience
Have worked on two different AWS-hosted backend projects (at Sobrr.life and Timeset). At Timeset, I was the lead developer and performed the AWS setup myself. I can help with: - EC2 /. ElasticBeanstalk (autoscaling) - S3 (file storage) - Cloudwatch (metrics) - SNS (mobile notifications) - SES (email) - ElastiCache with Redis - SSL Certs - RDS (databases) - Sharing databases - Worker and staging environments - Init scripts
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Can teach: - fundamentals of git workflow
No icon Linux - 4 years experience
I use nothing but Linux on my laptops. I'm using Ubuntu, but have also had some experience with Mint and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). I can teach: - Shell scripting - Aptitude package manager - How the filesystem is organized - How to get stuff done.
No icon Bash - 3 years experience
General purpose shell scripting.
No icon Ubuntu - 4 years experience
Ubuntu's my favorite Linux distro. Not to bash any of the other distros. I've just found Ubuntu to be the most intuitive and functional.
No icon Heroku - 3 years experience
Heroku is a lot easier to deploy than AWS. I can help with: - Rails deploys - Procfiles - Addons / admin interfaces
No icon Rspec - 3 years experience
I've written large test suites for social network APIs. I can help with: - Integration tests (over HTTP) - How to write less code - testing asynchronous code
No icon Websocket - 1 year experience
I've build a gem for adding 2-way data binding in Rails. I've also used websockets via Firebase and Socket.io I've began learning to use websockets via Meteor, Volt, Faye, etc.
No icon Tdd - 2 years experience
Test driven development is a great approach for large-scale apps. I can help you refactor and structure your test suite.
No icon Sinatra - 2 years experience
I learned Ruby, then started learning Rails. But it was hard. I recommend learning Sinatra first. It's basically a lightweight version of Rails. You'll also get a greater understanding of the Ruby programming and the use of RubyGems. Building Sinatra apps is really a gateway into the world of non-Rails Ruby web programming. I can teach: - datamapper (models without migrations) - activerecord outside of rails - sharing databases - doing everything you can do in rails - simpler app organization
No icon Automated tests - 3 years experience
I can help with: - writing Ruby tests - HTTP integration tests - writing less code - browser automation - testing asynchronous code
No icon Background jobs - 2 years experience
I've used: - Resque - a Ruby background job system that I built - shell commands I can also help with: - getting data from background jobs (HTTP / realtime) - keyboard listeners & macros
No icon Scraping - 2 years experience
Getting data from web pages and APIs Crawling sites, database persistence and web interfaces - jQuery - phantomJS, Selenium - Nokogiri, Mechanize - Servers
No icon Websockets - 1 year experience
I made a gem for 2-way data binding in Rails using websockets. I've also done a little development with: - Socket.io / Firebase - Meteor - Volt
No icon Automated testing - 3 years experience
RSpec, Jasmine, TestUnit, Mocha, etc. Performance testing (HTTP) Browser automation - Capybara, Selenium, Phantom, Mechanize
No icon Self hosting - 1 year experience
A lot of times it's better to find a free, open-source, pre-build solution rather than implementing it by hand. I've used: Errbit:> Error-reporting server using Airbrake. Redash:> Database admin interface. Opentape:> Mixtape sharing website. Zeya:> Music streaming server. Telescope:> RSS reader and bookmarker. Ghost:> Blog
sounds 5   1
see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yonce0PjepY
Ruby Shell
SpaceDagger 5   1
A little project to learn Meteor. All online users are geocoded and plotted on shared map.
CSS HTML JavaScript
linux-keyboard-macros 4   1
Ruby program for reading/writing keystrokes and triggering scripts.
socket_helpers 4   1
websocket helpers for rails, http://maxpleaner.github.io/socket_helpers
Ruby Shell JavaScript
ruby-cli-skeleton 4   0
A skeleton for Ruby CLI / REPL programs, built with ripl
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