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Maxim Kholyavkin

Maxim Kholyavkin

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iOS & OS X developer

Vladivostok (+10:00)
Russian, English
I program iOS apps since the first iPhone. Also I have huge experience in C/C++ I worked in WW corporation - i can teach best coding practices. I like to help people to solve different issues.
50 iOS
29 Swift
20 Objective-C
14 C++
12 Iphone
10 C
Ios expert help iOS - 8 years experience
I'm coding for iOS since first iPhone (since 2008).
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 15 years experience
I like C++ but i prefer to make API in C if it's appropriate
C expert help C - 15 years experience
I prefer C99 standard.
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
Swift is great but 2.0 version (from Xcode 7.3.1) still contains many terrible bugs. Ex: http://openradar.appspot.com/radar?id=4971716266688512 https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-1502
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Master debugger.
Jay Jan 10, 2017

Always great with Maxim!
Patrick Cary Dec 28, 2016

Well done! He solved my location monitoring issue.
Patrick Cary Dec 21, 2016

Maxim was very helpful, and perfectly analyzed my code to understand exactly what my issue was. He also pointed some improvements and gave me some great tips!
Joao Paulo Dec 19, 2016

Maxim is always helpful and teach you what to when solving any issues.I definitely recommend him!
Joao Paulo Dec 19, 2016

Excellent work - resolving a problem on setting up the storyboard.
Jim Maybee Dec 17, 2016

Maxim gave me a great help with my Google Maps issue. He went through my code and explained everything I had to do. I am very happy with his help!
Joao Paulo Dec 16, 2016

Maxim is great, he helped with the issue I needed to call Google Places autocomplete API. Thanks a lot, definitely recommend him!
Joao Paulo Dec 16, 2016

Results achieved - clearing some compile and build problems.
Jim Maybee Dec 14, 2016

Excellent work setting up 2 targets for my app, with separate launch icons.
Jim Maybee Dec 13, 2016

Maxim started to investigate a complex defect - work to be continued.
Jim Maybee Dec 01, 2016

Very effective - setting up tab bar and launch icons.
Jim Maybee Nov 15, 2016

Excellent work. Resolved the problem quickly.
Jim Maybee Nov 14, 2016

Great help
Jason Picallos Nov 06, 2016

Maxim is always great!
Shon Davis Nov 06, 2016

Wonderful! Thanks again Maxim.
Shon Davis Nov 06, 2016

Great as always! Maxim is the best.
Shon Davis Nov 06, 2016

great swift skill
Zhiming Jiang Nov 06, 2016

Great Communicator and Mentor!!!
Vernon Brown Nov 03, 2016

Awesome Mentor. Very knowledgeable!!!
Vernon Brown Nov 02, 2016

Excellent. Quick, Fast and Reliable
Yanik Ohat Nov 02, 2016

Maxim was very helpful to me and I am really glad that I worked with. I would rate him super five stars.
Danah Nov 01, 2016

Recommend him 100%. If you have any confusion, he will break it down and help you understand concepts and why implementing them correctly and/or in a certain way is helpful in debugging and understanding your own code
Gabe Jacoby Oct 31, 2016

Excellent work. Solved my problem - zip and unzip files in Objective-C. Will use again.
Jim Maybee Oct 28, 2016

Great Instructor!!! 5 Stars
Vernon Brown Oct 27, 2016

Great mentor!
Patrick Cary Oct 25, 2016

Maxim gets right to the heart of the problem and really knows his stuff.
Carl Lewis Oct 25, 2016

A GREAT mentor!!!! If I run into a Problem Maxim is on my list to call.
Vernon Brown Oct 25, 2016

helpful, also nice
Nick Calabro Oct 20, 2016

super quick smart guy
Nicholas Blackburn Oct 08, 2016

Maxim is a genius in C++! He helped me figured out a problem in my code very quick. Definitely recommended!
Paula Oct 07, 2016

Maxim is incredibly talented, well informed and knows what hes doing. He was excellent at diagnosing my issues at a technical level that I couldnt understand and helped walk me through it so that I could successfully solve the issues preventing my app from going on the appstore. Great guy, great engineer. I look forward to working with him again for future issues.
Martin Oct 07, 2016

The expert is superb. very helpful and understanding the requirements. does the job in the due time. Thanks a lot and definitely highly recommended.
Seven Oct 06, 2016

Very helpful, patient and positive!
David Oct 05, 2016

This guy is a wealth of knowledge and is super, super friendly and helpful. The sessions are straight to the point and he keeps it easy to understand and makes everything not intimidating.
Nicole Hinckley Oct 03, 2016

Great guy, knew exactly how to fix my issue.
Nicole Hinckley Sep 25, 2016

excellent knowledge in C++ and a very honest teacher
rakshith nandisha Sep 22, 2016

Maxim was able to quickly identify where my thinking was wrong and show me a better way to debug issues like I was having in the future.
Brad Flora Sep 19, 2016

Knew exactly what was asked from me to him. A great tutor!
william wright Sep 19, 2016

Very helpful and sharp. Helped me with a problem using Stacks and Pointers (I'm a university student)
Nicholas Hershy Sep 15, 2016

He is an awesome instructor and has immense programming knowledge. He helped me in a c++ code. He is also very understanding and will try his best to explain the code. Very nice and happy to help kind off person :) Thank so much for help!!
Dheeraj Chawla Sep 13, 2016

Very helpful in finding the error that I was having and explaining why it was the error.
Patrick Liao Sep 12, 2016

Very good mentor he helped me from nothing to an almost full layout
jesper vb Sep 11, 2016

Another great session. I came to him with an idea that was very wrong and he helped me see why it was wrong and where the real problem was.
Brad Flora Sep 07, 2016

Maxim helped work through a very tricky problem with my data and did so with great patience and humor. He did not give up and made sure it was 100% solved and also that everything that he figured out made sense to me and was something that I could learn from.
Brad Flora Sep 06, 2016

He was persistent, and committed to solving the problem in the most efficient way possible. Great problem solver.
Andrew Kierum Sep 06, 2016

Maxim was great help and very speedy to respond!
andrew luetgers Sep 02, 2016

This dude is quick and efficient, Great guy!
joe Aug 31, 2016

Maxim was very helpful, patient and knowledgeable, will happily work with him again.
andrew luetgers Aug 30, 2016

Maxim came through again and was very explicit about explaining how he was thinking through the problem, which was very helpful.
Brad Flora Aug 27, 2016

Maxim was very understanding and explained his advice very clearly. I will definitely work with him again when I need help!
Brad Flora Aug 27, 2016

I was having trouble with the concept of bit manipulation so I decided to try codementor.io. I got Maxim as my first tutor and he quickly explained the concept and solved my problem. Thank you very much Maxim.
James Balajan Aug 26, 2016

He was great and fixed all of my issues!
Jon Nicolini Aug 25, 2016

Perfect coder
Mohammed Alnemari Aug 17, 2016

This mentor was very helpful, knowledgable and timely. Highly Recommended!
Adam Aug 17, 2016

Awesome suggestion, thx for the help
Brian Li Aug 17, 2016

Super intelligent, and very good at explaining.
joe Aug 12, 2016

Awesome guy, really knows his stuff.
joe Aug 09, 2016

Maxim is an awesome mentor! Highly recommended, he knows his stuff very well.
Wajahat Waraich Aug 07, 2016

Maxim is a wonderful person and obviously a wonderful programmer, went overboard to help with me with my problem and answered all my queries patiently! Really happy with the results!
Amit Aug 05, 2016

In just one hour Maxim saved me from days of work. Many thanks!
Tobias Jul 29, 2016

Very nice. Very good teacher.
Basel Farag Jul 29, 2016

Nice person, extremely intelligible and patient. Fast and efficient programming help.
joe Jul 27, 2016

Great programmer, sharp mind and quick coder. Helped me with creating a function to insert and sort linked lists in c++.
Nicholas Hershy Jul 17, 2016

Thank you Maxim, your advice helped me focus on the correct cause of the problem.
Demian Turner Jul 13, 2016

Maxim is very smart and willing to help. He fixed several various issues with my app. I will use him for future problems...
John Rossiter Jul 10, 2016

Very helpful solve code error super fast and explained what was going on!
Shane Reichenfeld Jun 28, 2016

Great help, very quick!
Brian Chenoweth Jun 26, 2016

Worked really hard to solve the problem and explain his rationale while solving my Swift/iOS problem. Thanks!
Kristoph Matthews Jun 23, 2016

Helped me fix my firebase login fast and easy with great instrution
Shane Reichenfeld Jun 23, 2016

Maxim did a really nice job explaining some specific methods for debugging my code. Thanks!!!
Robert Nederhorst Jun 22, 2016

He's great. He solved the issue
Krishna Chaitanya Amjuri Jun 22, 2016

Maxim was phenomenal! He was able to look at my code and within a matter of seconds, knew exactly what to do! He also solved some other small details while he was in there. I will definitely be returning to Maxim if I need help in the future! Thank you, Maxim!!!
Codementor Jun 22, 2016

Maxim has been a huge help! Very dedicated and does all he can to get the job done. Really goes above and beyond. Can't thank him enough
Adrian Jun 20, 2016

Simply amazing! Got everything done within 1 hour. So friendly, so nice and really great to work with! Can't wait to use him again!
Sam Gabbay Jun 16, 2016

Fantastic! My problem was fixed quickly and saved me a huge headache. Much appreciated!
Sam Jun 15, 2016

Wow! Fixed it in less than 10 minutes! And he explained everything perfectly! Can't wait to use him again.
Sam Gabbay Jun 14, 2016

Excellent again!!!
Ken Kern Jun 13, 2016

Maxim was very efficient and helpful. Solved my problem super fast!
Don Jun 11, 2016

Maxim is amazing with this stuff. I feel bad because I worked him so hard!!!
Ken Kern Jun 10, 2016

Excellent Job! Very strong skills with iOS, XCode, Objective C, Frameworks!
Ken Kern Jun 09, 2016

Very helpful!
Ken Kern Jun 09, 2016

Very smart guy. Very much appreciate his help.
Ken Kern Jun 08, 2016

Very helpful!
Michael Bell Jun 08, 2016

Again Super helpful
Mike Jun 06, 2016

Maxim was super helpful and I can't say enough positive things about him.
Mike Jun 05, 2016

He is one of the greatest IOS teacher out there, very efficient, will be working with him in the future
naufal Jun 05, 2016

Really knowledgeable and gave me a lot of helpful tips and ideas about my code. I didn't use him to solve a problem but more so to improve my overall coding abilities and give me tips on where I could improve.
Ayodele Smith-Jackson Jun 01, 2016

He solved my problem of audio and video muting so fast !!! Thank you very much.
marco aurelio May 31, 2016

Problem was solved very fast :)
M__ May 28, 2016

Wonderful help as always from Maxim. Will hire again.
Shon Davis May 27, 2016

Fantastic! Quick and knowledgeable. Will hire again.
Shon Davis May 27, 2016

Was very very helpful and right to the point.
Van Nguyen May 26, 2016

Great help solving my problems. Would ask again!
Willem May 26, 2016

Fantastic guy, helped out heaps, can't recommend enough!
jamie May 22, 2016

Many thanks for another great CodeMentor session. Found and fixed the issues while explaining what and why.
Alan Millar May 20, 2016

Maxim's a nice guy and great to talk to! He certainly knows his stuff and corrected me at times when I was wrong, look forward to asking more questions later on!
Manveer Nijjar May 19, 2016

10/10 Great mentor definitely recommended, this is the second time i came back for help.
Jake May 16, 2016

He spent some extra quality time trying to figure and help me understand key points and problems in my code, i am more than happy with the result, we went through together and solved the problem, thank you once again. Great tutor, definitely recommended.
Jake May 15, 2016

He jumped right and started solving the problem I was running into. He did use some parts of C that I have not used, but it is okay because I am always happy to learn new things.
Lew Piper May 11, 2016

Thank you
abdulhamid May 10, 2016

We discussed a tricky problem. He went out of his way to solve it and in the end we derived at a good solution
Stijn van Lieshout May 05, 2016

Very friendly and helpful and was able to resolve an issue with a memory leak in a Swift iOS app effectively.
Luke Mireault May 03, 2016

Awesome as usual.
Jay May 01, 2016

Great to work with, really knows his stuff
Ambert Xie Apr 27, 2016

Very knowledgeable. Thanks
Jarrod Reeves Apr 25, 2016

Resolved my issues again and gave explanation as well. Very helpful.
Rajesh Apr 25, 2016

amazing guys, helped me many times to overcome very complex problems!
Amka Apr 25, 2016

great friendly guy patiently waited to understand the code! Spasiba!
Amka Apr 24, 2016

He is a great guy.
Rajesh Apr 24, 2016

very nice guy solved my problem
tim Apr 23, 2016

He's an amazing Developer !!! Couldn't have asked for more. keep up the good job !!! :)
syed Apr 23, 2016

Awesome job! Quick and very smart!
James Jones Jr. Apr 21, 2016

Jay Apr 20, 2016

Thanks for the assist!
blateebla Apr 17, 2016

great guy, good work!
Anthony Avinger Apr 13, 2016

strong session. it solved my problem.
Rabah Rahil Apr 11, 2016

Helped me understand a tough algorithm problem. He knows his stuff!
Benny Apr 08, 2016

I just want to say, if I could give him 10 stars I would. This guy is great, and I highly recommend anyone to hire him for help. I’am happy with my results, and I plan on joining more sessions in the near future.
Anthony Avinger Apr 07, 2016

Great Mentor, Amazing teacher
Dhairya Apr 06, 2016

Great Mentor. Always extremely helpful
Dhairya Apr 05, 2016

Even though we gave up the solution, probably it is no possible from the start anyway, he was nice and helpful.
Non Umemoto Mar 30, 2016

Great help as usual
Dhairya Mar 26, 2016

He took his time understanding the problem and trying to explain what problem I was facing. And also taught me few things about my problem. A wonderful guide and awesome teacher.
Dhairya Mar 26, 2016

Super helpful! Thank you!
Greg Harrington Mar 25, 2016

Helped me submit my iOS app to the app store. Was having an issue with proper certificates in my setup.
David Gonen Mar 08, 2016