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I love convert some imaginations and abstract ideas to strict, beautiful, elegant, compact, scalable, flexible and fast code. It's my vision how be a brilliant software engineer. I don't care how many technologies and programming languages I know, the main my feature is an ability of solving problems and fast learning. My biggest hobbies are making music, playing games, streaming on livecoding.tv ;)
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
I started write production JS code 7 years ago being a student. Learned as fast as possible, because I love it.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 7 years experience
Simultaneously with JS I learned HTML/CSS stuff to make my apps pretty.
Node js expert help Node.js - 3 years experience
After finishing an university I got a job. Then I met MEAN.IO technology stack. I learned and develop production using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
Actually it's my favourite JS-library. It is genius. I still use this.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 5 years experience
Being a student I got my first production project based on PHP/MySQL. Since I don't develop using PHP and MySQL my skills of this are lower as usual, but I still remember some best practices and tricks.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 3 years experience
It is my favourite DB I use almost in each production project. Know a lot of tricks and optimisations.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 3 years experience
In our team this technology is primary one for building front-end. We also created ng-seed (AngularJS + RequireJS seed) to quickly start new project.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
I have only 1 production project built on vanilla MeteorJS in my portfolio, but even with this I can call myself an expert of it.
No icon Socket.io - 4 years experience
I love the principe "always up to date".
No icon Mongoose - 3 years experience
I used this technology along with MongoDB in NodeJS. It makes data manipulation easier and faster.
No icon Typescript - 1 year experience
It's a pretty new programming language for me. Our team just develop new production project using Angular2 + TypeScript, but even with that experience I'm comfortable to help others.
No icon Ux - 7 years experience
That's exactly what I'm thinking about every day, every new line of code – good UX. Instead of talking too much about it the saying "beauty save the world" suits best.
No icon Rest api - 7 years experience
I know how the client-side should communicate with server-side. 100% of projects I was working on used REST ideology.
No icon Ecmascript 6 - 1 year experience
Since all major browsers start support EcmaScript 2016 I just learned it in 1 day. Also I started new hobby project called "Stack Overflow App" built in Electron (streaming the development process on livecoding.tv)
No icon Angular meteor - 1 year experience
Such as pure Meteor experience this one has exactly the same story: I have only 1 production project built on Meteor + AngularJS in my portfolio. But I feel strong of it.
No icon Loopback - 1 year experience
New technology to me. We use it for backend (Angular2 is front-end), but since it is a production project we are building I learn very fast and can teach others.
No icon Angular2 - 1 year experience
Again. New technology for me, but I have a giant experience in AngularJS1 and it make me easy to learn ng2 as fast as possible. For now I'm strong specialist of this technology I had week-streak development (+pairing programming).
stackoverflow-app 20   3
I develop the app right on the streams
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DiversAndStars 2   0
Игра, была разработана для конкурса Topface
maqsim.github.com 1   0
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Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Twitter's Bootstrap. Small footprint (5kB gzipped!), no 3rd party JS dependencies (jQuery, bootstrap JS) required!
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A repository to hold bootstrap releases for twitter's bower
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