Ioan Carol Plangu, Mathematics freelancer and developerView Profile
Ioan Carol Plangu5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Hostivice, Czechia

Developer. Technologist. Entrepreneur.

Always been mathematically-minded and enthusiastic about hard problems. I have a degree at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Bucharest.
Milan Vucic, Mathematics freelance programmerView Profile
Milan Vucic5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Milan, Italy

300+ sessions, 100% positive rating, Android/Java developer & tutor

Went to a Mathematical Gymnasium and competed and won prizes on the national level. Had really strong professors and really strong curriculum.
Lily Rajacic, Mathematics freelance coderView Profile
Lily Rajacic5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Gdańsk, Poland

Software Development Engineer @ Amazon

I love Maths! I've been doing A LOT of Maths during high school, since I went to a school specialized for Maths.
Michael Kling, top Mathematics developerView Profile
Michael Kling
Freelance Mathematics developer in Ann Arbor, United States

Full Stack Developer with Data Experience

I've been passionate about mathematics since high school and majored in mathematics in college. Subsequently I've used this experience during work in finance and in personal projects. Whether you just have a mathematical question or a question connected with programming or algorithms, I am happy to help.
Hameed Hasan, Mathematics freelance coderView Profile
Hameed Hasan5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Atlanta, United States

PhD Candidate and Graduate Research Assisstant in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology

I'm a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Machine Learning. The Georgia Tech CS program is ranked 7th nationally, among all the CS graduate schools, according to the USNews. Being such a competitive school, entails being knowledgable, too. In the lab that I do research, we implement our algorithmic prototypes and ideas using variety of programming languages, especially when the library that you are interested in is available only in one language! As such, I'm an expert in MATLAB, Python, C++/C, Java and Perl (but I also know some more, e.g. scala, PhP or even Lua ! :D) If you are interested to know about my research, I'm doing Deep Learning (, and I'm very happy about my research but ...
Rishabh Daal, Mathematics freelance coderView Profile
Rishabh Daal5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Colonelganj, India

Teaching Assistant, Former SDE Intern at Amazon

I am undergraduate in Mathematics and computing from Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi. I have taken various courses related to Algebra and number theory and performed well in them.
Ana Paula Carvalho, Mathematics software engineer and devView Profile
Ana Paula Carvalho
Freelance Mathematics developer in Medellín, Colombia

Python Engineer

I have a Physics degree (where I learnt continuous math) and a CS minor and some Master courses (where I was exposed to discreet math). My strong mathematical background shaped the way I approach problems. I found that my mathematical mindset is a valuable tool to adapt and thrive to different environments and allows me to find innovative solutions to the challenges at hand.
Pasindu (Rumal) Perera, Mathematics coder and engineerView Profile
Pasindu (Rumal) Perera5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Fullstack developer with 4+ years of experience based in San Francisco

I have participated IMO twice in 2007 Vietnam and 2008 Spain.
Nikola Milev, Mathematics freelance coderView Profile
Nikola Milev
Freelance Mathematics developer in Belgrade, Serbia

A quick thinking programmer with a background in mathematics

As I graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, I am proficient in math.
Mr Asfandyar, Mathematics freelance coderView Profile
Mr Asfandyar
Freelance Mathematics developer in Tangi, Pakistan

I am full time Freelancer and Programmer

I have a working experience of 4 years as a Freelance Research Mentor and served more than 2000 clients. I have also a teaching experience of around 3 years where I used to teach Business and social science subjects.
Aleksandar Ogrizovic, Mathematics programmer and consultantView Profile
Aleksandar Ogrizovic5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Software Engineer at Symphony

Went to mathematical high school and learnt a lot about maths, especially in field of number theory
Anuj Menta, Mathematics freelance developerView Profile
Anuj Menta5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Gurgaon, India

Speaker at Pycon India'17, Pycon Italy'18

Mathematics and Computing undergrad from IIT Kharagpur'17
Jean-François Grangier, Mathematics coder and engineerView Profile
Jean-François Grangier4.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Vitrolles, France

web 3D freelancer

applicable math for game dev/3D web. Used to tutor calculus in college
forsandifs, Mathematics freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Mathematics developer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Software Engineer with a Physics background

Linear algebra, advanced calculus, numerical simulation
Ismail Khoffi, top Mathematics developerView Profile
Ismail Khoffi5.0
Freelance Mathematics developer in Sankt Augustin, Germany

Full (web) stack developer with 6+ years experiencs, member of scientific staff at Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing

I studied mathematics at the University of Bonn (one of the top universities for mathematics in germany)

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