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Asad Saeeduddin

Asad Saeeduddin

.NET developer + a smattering of other languages/platforms

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Hindi, English
Professional and hobbyist experience building internal tools for various teams. Lots of experience with virtualization and networking, can also help with programming woes. Love helping people blast through annoying hitches and roadblocks so they can get on with the awesome things they're building.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
Experience with UI side JS as well as (more recently), using Node JS. Of late, I've been using TypeScript or ES6 with a preprocessor, but have sufficient experience with both browser side and server side JS to be able to help you with whatever issues you run into. Having wrestled all kinds of preprocessors and JS tooling, I can also help with any issues concerning Yeoman, grunt, gulp, or JSPM.
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
I like Python for its lack of ceremony and the ability to quickly model problems. Armed with itertools and the expressiveness of Python, it is very easy to come up with concise, elegant solutions to many algorithmic problems. I've been using Python on and off for programming exercises, coursework, web dev, and QA scripting for around 5 years.
Csharp expert help C# - 3 years experience
I love C#'s expressive power, and the ability it affords to fluidly switch between functional and object oriented paradigms. This is the language I reach for first when developing new solutions. Familiar with most iterations of the language up to C# 6.
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Today we worked on Rxjs Observables, .combineLatest() and the .filter() operator. I really appreciate the patience and time that Asad is willing put in in order to ensure I understand exactly what is happening in the code. Also, to receive acknowledgement from your mentor that you are progressing feels really good. Thanks again.
Tony Elam Oct 09, 2016

Thanks Asad for your determination and passion for code. Thanks for all your help.
Tony Elam Sep 15, 2016

today we continued our session on Rxjs Observables, Subscribe(), .map , .mergeMap(), .filter(), .combineLatest(), & .take(). He also demonstrated the use of typescript. Great session and I am learning a lot.
Tony Elam Sep 14, 2016

Asad is helping me understand Rxjs as it is being used in the code base for my job. I really appreciate his willingness to assist me in this project by helping me fill in the gaps of my knowledge concerning Rxjs, Angular2, & es2015 + Typescript. Thank you Asad.
Tony Elam Sep 13, 2016

Asad is Great! This guy truly understands Rxjs. He quickly picked up very quickly what was happening in my code base for work, which by the way, is extremely large. We are using Angular2, Typescript, es2015, and Rxjs. This code base is form heavy and Asad did not even flinch. I'm glad I found him.
Tony Elam Sep 12, 2016

Very thorough and helpful. Good ability to teach through problem solving
Thomas Sep 11, 2016

Had two sessions with Asad, who was incredibly helpful helping me wrap my head around some of the issues in my code. Knows great code practices with Javascript!
Michael Du Sep 08, 2016

Wonderful, quick help with Node.js and EJS!
Leon Noel Sep 08, 2016

Second time with Asad, he's really committed to the task at hand.
Sadok Cervantes May 04, 2016

There's one word to describe Asad: COMMITTED. He stuck with me until we got it fixed, even if he didn't know the solution right away he researched as fast as possible. Thanks!
Sadok Cervantes May 02, 2016

Great guy to work with, genuinely helpful and honest.
Matt Alexander Apr 24, 2016

Very very helpful at explaining things I did not understand. I am a beginner and he broke things down very well and was also patient.
Alice Elec Apr 23, 2016

Very helpfull, good communicator
Thomas Vincent Apr 23, 2016

Rescued my week!
Ty Hansen Apr 20, 2016

Exceeded my expectations and I learned much in the process. Will use again!
Cody Bouscaren Mar 26, 2016

Great help, always patient and happy to help you, I'm looking forward to work with him again
Alberto Jorge Serrano Peláez Mar 15, 2016

He is very good technical and nice guy.
Prabhakar Mar 11, 2016

He helped immensely!
Roz Mar 07, 2016

Assad is a genius. If I could hire him full-time, I would.
mikiah Mar 03, 2016

Asad was creative and fun to work with, great at approaching a solution from different angles!
mtmcphee Feb 15, 2016

Love this guy! He needs to raise is his price. He's fast and very knowledgeable with a great smile btw. He understood what I needed right away and taught me how to better understand this concept.
Tiffany Sumuel Feb 13, 2016

Great work!
Bon Osonwanne Feb 13, 2016

Great debugging help. Really took the right process of walking through the code, understanding what the issue was, logging out the different options and zeroing in on the issue and fixing it, then explaining the concepts to address in the future.
vijay goel Feb 13, 2016

Assad has been working with me on a long term project of mine. What i love about him is his deep understanding of javascript and his tenacity to fix bugs and the smile he gets when he sees a light bulb go off. He's a great guy to boot.
mikiah Jan 27, 2016

sonia Jan 21, 2016

Assad is the man. Super nice. Super smart and knows his JS and AngularJs. He's my go to for all issues. I love the fact I'm also helping him pay for school. Awesome stuff!
mikiah Jan 12, 2016

Great teacher! I hope to work with him again sometime.
Don Helm Jan 04, 2016

Crazy amount of knowledge, quality code - first identifies your level of understanding so he can explain things well. Will definitely be my go to guy for certain code!
Kai Jan 04, 2016

Assad is the man. Not always available but when he is, he always gets to the root of the problem. Glad I can support him and glad he's always there to help. Great guy to boot!
mikiah Dec 21, 2015

He is just the best, definitely will come back to him.
Saeed Nov 15, 2015

sonia Nov 14, 2015

Wow. So good. He's an angular pro.
mikiah Nov 03, 2015

He did a great job. he knows the right way to do things and explains it well.
Fareez Ahmed Oct 23, 2015

Fanastic job helping me figure out some AngularJs issues. Really walked me through everything to help me understand what I was doing wrong.
mikiah Oct 21, 2015

sonia Oct 20, 2015

Asad is still the man!
Phil Warton Oct 01, 2015

sonia Oct 01, 2015

Excellent work as always
Phil Warton Sep 30, 2015

Great work debugging my code. Thanks Asad for your help!
Robert Sep 30, 2015

very good and patient!
sonia Sep 30, 2015

Asad is the man!
Phil Warton Sep 29, 2015