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Marty Gardner

Marty Gardner

Senior Web Developer @ Hobo-Web

Edinburgh (+00:00)
I'm Marty, I live & work in Scotland as the Senior Web Developer @hobo-web, I use industry standard software to write code in: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, jQuery, Wordpress, Arduino. I Also work with MegaPirateNG & MultiWii software which is used in Quadcopter flight controllers, along with all that, the things I do when not working include, Downhill Mountain Biking, Quadcopter building & Electronics.
Wordpress WordPress - 6 years experience
Using Wordpress everyday for the last 6 years! Knowing the in's & out's of the entire Wordpress platform! Custom plugins/features on request, Utilizing custom template options...
Php expert help PHP - 7 years experience
Coming from a "ASP" ".Net" background I started using PHP when I started working with Hobo-Web, building Joomla based websites with custom modules then slowly moving away from Joomla in favor of Wordpress!
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
Using jQuery to build in those little features that make up the site! if its custom sliders, show/hide information, sending data via POST, GET requests without the page loading!
Mysql expert help MySQL - 6 years experience
Every Wordpress install needs to have a managed MySQL database! If you "Don't" take care of the database! everything can come crumbling down around the site!
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 12 years experience
Ever since the Dreamcast "Console" days, I've been messing around using HTML & CSS, from where the fascination with the web & all things coding stemmed from!
No icon Arduino - 2 years experience
If, like me, you enjoy building out your own circuit systems & prototyping your own embedded systems, using the Arduino makes it easy! writing the code that joins it all together is a little harder... this is where I come in, using custom functions alongside the magical loop, we can do great things with a breadboard, some wire & what ever else is sitting about!
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