Top Senior Marketing automation Developers of August 2017

Solutions Architect

Passionate about software from DevOPS to Quality Assurance, from Developer to Architect with the right amount of business skills, marketing and sales. Specialties: Distributed Application Design, Object Orientated Programming, AngularJS, REST API Design, PHP, MySQL, PhalconPHP, MongoDB, Python, Flask, Zend Framework, Linux Administration, Symfony, Quick Test Professional, WatiN/R, Magento, Wordpress, Adobe & Microsoft Suite, MacOs, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, VMWare and more. Large Scale Software Development Strategies, Center for Disease Control regulations and reporting guidelines. Health Information Exchanges, Direct Secure Messaging, HIPAA Regulations and Meaningful Use guidelines. Experienced in successfully negotiating and implementing new technologies in change-adverse organizations thus increasing productivity and profitability while keeping in line with the business value proposition. Fast to adapt to ever changing technological challenges and business needs effectively migrated legacy architecture to cloud based solutions guaranteeing a competitive advantage in the immediate and near term. Analytical and rational during difficult times helped organizations in life-critical industries such as healthcare facing existing challenges while formulating business conscious plans to move forward. As technical liaison with government agencies such as the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technologies and the CDC. Directly participated in state level policy making by participating directly with ACHA Agency for Healthcare Administration as well as providing the technology needed for the privatization of DCF Department of Children & Families thus by creating new and relevant revenue channels.

Search Marketing Strategist / SEO Expert / Full Stack Developer / CTO @ MarketKarma

I drive revenue. All other metrics pale in comparison. Be it billion dollar brands or startups, I've had the pleasure of crafting online strategies such that my clients achieve the type of revenue gains that garner press. I have over 20 years experience with Internet and web-based technology. My core competencies include web and application development, Amazon Marketplace optimization, affiliate marketing and organic search marketing strategy. I have worked directly on architecting online marketing strategies, both domestic and international, for a number of Fortune 100 brands. As founder and CIO of MarketKarma, I oversee organic search strategy for all enterprise accounts and work to create innovative solutions to assist retailers in tackling their online marketing challenges. Selected Clients (Past & Present): Ace Cash Express, Athleta, Banana Republic, Blockbuster, Buckle, CheapCaribbean, Diesel, Ebates, Fossil, Gap, GiftCardMall, Gold's Gym, GUESS, Horchow, JCPenney, Old Navy, Oriental Trading Company, Piperlime, Red Envelope, Sacha Cosmetics, Smart Bargains, Williams-Sonoma Connect with me @: Email: Direct: (469) 333-0008 Skype: ResistedNormalcy Quora: StackOverflow:

Internaut explorer.

500 alum and long time internaut. Co-founded several companies and worked on three continents. Last travel data app > 23M/yr+ revenue. Managed teams with 35+ people. Raised funding three time including a startup studio. Bootstrapped to profitability twice. Sold thrice, but never huge. Software designer, whistleblower fan and occasional writer. Social engineer and the internaut of things. The rest is inconspicuous. I enjoy small teams who do big things and being a full time traveler with my family. All problems can be solved and every moment a new opportunity. I constantly need help with one or more of these keywords and often can help others with the same: javascript, architecture, architect, design, api, ionic, angular 2, node.js, stamplay, stripe, google cloud, aws, heroku, ruby/python/php when necessary, javascript, html5, writeon, beard and fedora, css, gulp, grunt, travis, codeship, mongo, graph, cloudant, mysql, gae datastore (hate), cloudflare, zapier, data, social graph, ecommerce, taxonomy, content management, cms, fulfillment, UX, CX, photoshop, illustrator, chromeos, mac osx, linux, ubuntu, markdown, writeon, tdd, mocha, protractor, userfairy, browser testing, DOM, karma, specs, documentation, github git, wiki, ugh...this is tiring.

CTO / Senior Developer

Ryan Felton is an effectual and highly motivated technology leader at NexusHQ with over a decade of experience in the technology industry, launching companies into competitive positioning. Known for his dedication, perseverance and expertise in identifying efficient, cost effective processes, Ryan has been recognized for successfully energizing teams towards highly efficient performances with direct positive impact on revenue. With a natural proclivity for forward thinking, Ryan led the Technology & Product Teams at BLiNQ Media to win the "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Innovation Competition", eventually growing the company from concept to acquisition by international publishing giant Gannett, a Fortune 500 Company, in (4) four years. Ryan has recently received an Executive MBA from the University of Missouri Kansas City with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, complimenting his experience building cross-functional, cross-cultural, global teams as well as his ability to build relationships of trust and loyalty with clients, prospects, co-workers, senior leadership, partners and employees. Ryan's latest venture is leading the technology team of a a rapidly growing company NexusHQ. Ryan is has joined the NexusHQ team as their CTO bring he's past two successes is ready to complete his trifecta by bring our technology to be #1 in the industry. KEY AREAS OF STRENGTH: • Executive Leadership • Startups & Web Development • New Business Development • Architecture & Development of Web 2.0 Technologies • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Disruptive Technology • Staff Recruitment & Development • Cloud Computing • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery • E-Commerce • Redundant Database Systems • Open Source Software • Distributed Information Systems • Business Integrations

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Expert and UX/UI Designer

Hello, I'm John. I am a coding designer that specializes in conversion rate optimization on web forms, landing pages and checkout flows. I've worked with all kinds of companies from online shops to SaaS products, and big brands like Basecamp, Warner Bros, and I've helped many online businesses get higher sales, leads, signups and revenue using great design, user psychology, data, and experimentation. Chances are, I can help you achieve your business goals too.

Marketing Developer

I'm a web developer with a focus on technical marketing. In addition to designing and developing high performance websites (both in speed and conversions), I have a strong knowledge of technical marketing as it applies to SEO, a/b testing, analytics and more.

Real SEO Results Instead of Unfulfilled Promises

I trained with the best; the original Google Team that built Google’s SEO Toolkit and set the standard. Then I refined my skills leading teams of top marketers at top companies;, and LinkedIn, and by bringing bold upstarts like InmateAid and BioLite to the big boys table. I puts your SEO strategy first by teaching you to own it and profit by it long term. Curious about my style? Watch me on Let me pose a question: Would other SEO guys you’re considering put you on the phone to hear it from their clients? I will. And you won’t hear about short-term spikes before they tanked, but about sustainable success. Not from me, from them in their own words. Here’s some real data. InmateAid was flying way under the radar; just 6000 visits a month. I consulted, and today it’s 38,000 visits a month and growing. is a ridiculous win. Floundering in a sea of YouTube video and How-to-Articles, monthly organic traffic had hit the wall at 170,000. I boosted it nearly 15-fold. More traffic meant more subscribers and that led to the happiest of happy endings: LinkedIn paid 1.5 billion for them. Success requires someone you trust leading. That’s me and I start by telling you the truth. You may have to unlearn a few SEO things, but to make it easier, I’ll let you in on a secret. It's hard work, looking at the Big Picture, leveraging the data and building a plan that’s theme-centric not keyword-silly. I don’t waste time doing it the old way and settling for success that fades like inspiration from a motivational speaker.

Marketing | SEO | Social Media | Digital Media Professional - Consultant, Educator, Coach

I currently work in higher education at Old Dominion University providing multilevel marketing, production & and social media management support for the ODU Career Development operations in the main center, two higher education centers, six college satellite offices, distance learning and veteran populations. I determine and execute our social media, broadcast and online marketing strategy and am our chief content curator and manager. I consult with small business owners, professionals & creatives teaching them how to manage social media platforms, create & curate content, improve online personal branding, leverage social media, broadcast media & content marketing, and to drive leads and conversions. Specialties: Social media consulting, activities & marketing Inbound marketing Lead generation Digital marketing Personal branding Advertising and marketing Content creation, curation, & management Asset management Customer service Wordpress, Web. Facebook & mobile apps development Digital video production, Integrated digital media production & management Broadcast production for TV and radio Music production, publishing & licensing Audio engineering Music equipment consulting Music composition, Songwriting Organizational development Writer, Blogger, Podcaster Coach, Consultant Current Software: Creative/Web Dev: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, WordPress, HTML, mobile apps Facebook apps & contests: Woobox, Shortstack, Wishpond Social media marketing: Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible Email marketing providers: Aweber, Robly, and Mailchimp CRM: Nacelink, Nimble, Hubspot Project management software:, Microsoft SharePoint Help desk software: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Casengo, Teamworkdesk Non-linear Video editing: Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects Audio editing & recording/DAWS: Cubase, Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Sony Soundforge OS: Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems

Freelance as ( Mobile | Web | Game ) Developer

I have 9 years working in the software development industry, in all this time I've worked at many different places and many different projects. Got experience using web development tools and languages, mobile development and even game development using unity3D. From big companies to stratups and solo freelance jobs. I want to share my experience and help others. At the same time I find it like a challenge, to stay up-to-date with the new trends, programming languages and tools.

Inbound Marketing Expert with +9 years of Exerience. I have a diploma in business economics and was SEO Team Lead for english-speaking countries @ Groupon and Head of SEO @ Fashion For Home. I am the current CEO of online marketing agency Buzzmatic. I can help with all SEO related questions in particular: Technical SEO, International SEO, Mobile SEO and Outreach/Linkbuilding strategies.

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