Mehran Hatami, top Marionette.js developerView Profile
Mehran Hatami4.9
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Nuremberg, Germany

Javascript Developer and Front End Engineer

MarionetteJS is my favorite among all of the MVW solutions out there. I have been involved using it, in 3 different SPA projects. Offering a clean API on top of BackboneJS and providing a powerful routing solution, makes it really special to me. Backbone itself doesn't provide much to deal with advanced layouts specially in enterprise applications, and that's how MarionetteJS makes your life much easier. Great documentation and really readable code is the other plus for MarionetteJS which makes it easily debuggable when needed.
Yuriy Linnyk, Marionette.js freelance coderView Profile
Yuriy Linnyk5.0
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Tallinn, Estonia

15+ years, Full-stack Javascript Developer. I enjoy explaining basics patiently, or move to advanced topics in my expertise anytime. ☆ 500+ 5-star sessions.☆

Backbone.Marionette is one of my favorite frameworks and I'm glad to discuss it or explain how to build a front-end app with it.
Anton Oparin, Marionette.js freelance coderView Profile
Anton Oparin
Freelance Marionette.js developer in St Petersburg, Russia

Full Stack Java/JavaScript/Scala Engineer

Marionette as a primary framework, I used when working with Backbone projects.
Bradford, freelance Marionette.js developerView Profile
Freelance Marionette.js developer in San Francisco, United States

Full-Stack Javascript Engineer

Familiar with most aspects of the framework, including some of the nitty gritty like how regions are rendered as document fragments first before being appended to the DOM.
Samuel Cicero, top Marionette.js developerView Profile
Samuel Cicero
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Des Plaines, United States

Front End Web Developer / Lover of Tech

Marionette was a great framework to pick up for me because it patched a lot of the flaws that backbone had never accounted for. For example, the view / model / collection relationship became forced, with many new 'view' optioned extended off of the original Backbone.view. These new views allowed you to easily nest iterated views in parents, set up specific views for layouts / defined regions, and handle collections. Also i have taken advantage of using Bacbone.Radio to further enhance a broadcast messaging system across a singles page app with a request/reply promise system for sharing data.
Joseph DelCioppio, Marionette.js freelancer and developerView Profile
Joseph DelCioppio
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Johnston, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Stylitics

I have deployed a high traffic production application used actively today by tens of thousands of users each month. I have the expertise to guide your application construction or the refactoring of an existing legacy one.
Noah Passalacqua, Marionette.js dev and freelancerView Profile
Noah Passalacqua
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Saint Clair Shores, United States

Experienced, Auto-Didact Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Have experience in building fast optimized, single page applications using Marionette and Backbone.
Jon Tewksbury, top Marionette.js developerView Profile
Jon Tewksbury5.0
Freelance Marionette.js developer in San Francisco, United States

Full-Stack Javascript Engineer.

Full-Stack Software Engineer working in SF. Went through Hack Reactor's immersive Software Engineering Program and now spend time going back and teaching what I've learned to others while I went through that program and through my years of Software Engineering experience.
Richard Sumilang, Marionette.js dev and freelancerView Profile
Richard Sumilang
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Northridge, United States

Lead Software Engineer at TMZ

I architected the TMZ mobile website around Marionette.js
Weston Platter, senior Marionette.js developerView Profile
Weston Platter5.0
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Denver, United States

Fullstack Rails/Javascript Engineer

I'm a full-time Ruby on Rails and Javascript engineer in the startup space. I enjoy explaining underlying concepts and solving problems via practical code examples. I've worked on a couple dozen Rails applications (for myself, freelance clients, and big companies - please see LinkedIn profile).
Brad Davis, Marionette.js freelance developerView Profile
Brad Davis
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Cleveland, United States

Product Manager with 5 years of Javascript Experience

Self-motivated web developer and part time entrepreneur. I have worked on a series of e commerce and food industry websites. I have worked on business of almost any size, ranging from Dealer Tire that has 450+ people in Cleveand and warehouses across the country, to start ups, to running my own website (it now has around 60 unique visitors a month). Experience with .NET stack, Node.js, angular.js, backbone.js, unit and integration testing, and service based architecture. COMPETENCIES o Marketing - developed marketing user stories, business requirement documents, product timelines 0 Website development - Experience developing user interfaces in javascript along with server side javascript and scripting Specialties: UI design, javascript, node.js, mongodb, ...
Jason Fleetwood-Boldt, Marionette.js coder and developerView Profile
Jason Fleetwood-Boldt
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Brooklyn, United States

Platform architect of scalable and performant systems.

Security specialist. Rails and Ruby expert. Javascript/browsers/CSS wiz. DNS aficionado. Startupland veteran. Contractor. Exposure to corporate. Scrum practitioner.
Bo Milanovich, top Marionette.js developerView Profile
Bo Milanovich5.0
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Tampa, United States

Full-stack web developer and a Python wizard

An established Pluralsight author - Proud to be the author of the 4th most popular course on Pluralsight called "Python: Getting Started". A full stack web developer with a completely modern approach. Let's build an API server (using Python or C#) together to handle the data and let the frontend (Angular, Backbone, Vue) take care of everything else for us! Or how about we work with Python and build some cool things like web apps, desktop apps, scripts, maybe automate some boring stuff?
AVVasani, freelance Marionette.js developerView Profile
Freelance Marionette.js developer in Bengaluru, India

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript AngularJs Nodejs MongoDB Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails Experts with 11+ Years experience

10+ year of professional experience in Web Application Development solutions, UI Design and Development in Adavance Javascript, AngularJS and active expert in url and url Specialties: Advance Javascript,OO JavaScript/Design Pattern, Jquery, AngularJS, Node.JS, ExpressJS, BackboneJS, Ajax,HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3,Google App Engine, Asp,, PHP, Python, UI Design Layout, Open Sources, MSSQL, Mysql,SQLite, PostgreSQL,MongoDB, Ruby on Rail, Django, wordpress and other web technologies
Andrew Fader, Marionette.js freelance coderView Profile
Andrew Fader5.0
Freelance Marionette.js developer in The Bronx, United States

VP Engineering, Publicis Media

Aspiring polymath, big picture generalist with extensive full-stack software development experience as well as a generous helping of soft skills, business acumen and the irreverent hacker spirit. Favorite language: Ruby. Prefers free-wheeling workplaces with ping pong and/or foosball tables. Focus on attention to detail and communication, promiscuous pair programming, non-dogmatic agile practice, radical simplicity, ad-hoc refactoring, continuous integration, democratic dev ops, lean structures, and self-aware honesty in the pursuit of constant self-improvement.

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