Jon Tewksbury, top Marionette developerView Profile
Jon Tewksbury5.0
Freelance Marionette developer in Redwood City, United States

Full-Stack Javascript Engineer.

Using marionette in our production application that we are currently moving over to react/redux.
William Chan, Marionette freelance coderView Profile
William Chan
Freelance Marionette developer in New York, United States

Seasoned software engineer with experience teaching at different web development bootcamps and universities

I am a software engineer that worked on, led many projects to date and taught software development at a number of institutions. Altogether, I have a good understanding of software development processes and various programming languages including more than seven years in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP and Golang.
Ronaldo Sousa, top Marionette developerView Profile
Ronaldo Sousa5.0
Freelance Marionette developer in Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal

Full-stack developer

Hello! I'm a developer with 6 years experience building and consulting on web/mobile projects for startups and enterprise companies across the globe. Clean code, good UX and clear communication, with focus on users and developers, are my main goals. Over the time I've worked with Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, Flash AS3, Ruby, Rails, front-end JavaScript (Backbone, Angular, React), Node.js and more recently Erlang and Elixir. I'm also a mentor and teacher at some educational endeavours on web development.
Micah Condon, Marionette freelance coderView Profile
Micah Condon
Freelance Marionette developer in Littleton, United States

Senior JavaScript application developer, 15+ years experience

I have been building JavaScript applications, small and large, for over 15 years, using a variety of libraries, frameworks, and tools. I can help you to quickly learn new tools and frameworks, and to quickly solve simple or complex problems that are holding back your development. I can also help you learn to architect your software in a way that will be easier to grow and maintain in the long run
Alexey Naumov, top Marionette developerView Profile
Alexey Naumov4.5
Freelance Marionette developer in Ashburn, United States

ruby and rails for 3+, javascript 2+

I'm currently work as frontend team lead in startup.
Richard Sumilang, Marionette dev and freelancerView Profile
Richard Sumilang
Freelance Marionette developer in Northridge, United States

Lead Software Engineer at TMZ

Hello - I've been in the entertainment industry designing solutions for companies such as MTV, E!, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon Games, Neopets, MonkeyQuest, TMZ, and many more. I am always seen as the team lead with strong design principles on standards and patterns.
Kevin English, top Marionette developerView Profile
Kevin English
Freelance Marionette developer in Ashburn, United States

Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js, jQuery, CoffeeScript - over 18 years experiences

I am a Software Engineer specializing in Web 2.0 application development. Currently a huge fan of Ruby on Rails and CoffeeScript. Just to give you an idea of who I am : I've been doing Ruby on Rails/Javascript/jQuery since 2007. I have been developing for the web since 1999 so I have seen and adapted to a lot of changes. Some of my recent projects include or have included: - - Solo/Lead developer, launched new version of their site with ElasticSearch/Rails/Javascript. - - database migration for 1000s pages of content - DJO Global (worked on their MotionMD product, see - Janssen Healthcare Innovation - worked on writing Ruby backend APIs for their Care4Today and Invokana apps. - Ulupono...
Joseph DelCioppio, Marionette freelancer and developerView Profile
Joseph DelCioppio
Freelance Marionette developer in Johnston, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Stylitics

Senior software engineer/ with experience leading the development, management and growth of large, high traffic applications. Keenly focused on the bringing a higher level of professionalism to the software engineering teams that I lead so that businesses can learn to think of engineering as the predictable, reliable yet creative asset that they hoped it would be. Expertise in both front-end and back end technologies like Ruby/Rails, Backbone, React, Node.js, Java, HTML5 and CSS3 with extensive experience hiring and mentoring engineers that are a part of my team. Experience working remotely since 2009 in my own office where I am able to be productive and provide leadership even while not being present in the office.
Alejandro Rangel, Marionette dev and freelancerView Profile
Alejandro Rangel
Freelance Marionette developer in Vienna, Austria
I’m a mobile consultant and entrepreneur (applications for iOS and Android) with some of the most unique, well-made applications currently for sale in the AppStore and Google Play. I am passionate about new ideas and original content. In addition to creating my own apps, I work frequently with companies who commission me to create custom applications or improve existing ones.

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