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Shawn Chiao

Shawn Chiao

Tech and Gaming Entrepreneur

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Chinese, English
I'm a veteran in the tech industry, having worked with a variety of products from film production tools to MMORPG. Outside of programming, I've also volunteered and worked as an AmeriCorps member at an educational non-profit for inner city youths for over 4 years. Currently, I'm the CTO at Gummicube.com, a profitable startup in San Jose, CA that provide app store optimization and organic mobile marketing technology. Being in startups and working with new and exciting projects is rewarding. But seeing someone gaining the confidence and skills to take on a new challenge can be just as fulfilling - if not more! As a mentor, I feel that my strength is in my ability to explain domain knowledge in a way that is easy to grasp through analogies and examples. I am particularly experienced with prototyping and quickly getting tangible results in developing a product or working on a project. While I can go on rambling the theories and the intricacies of various computer science topics, I love to focus on getting from point A to point B, in both mentoring and my own development style. I see computer programming as a creation tool first, and as a scientific / academic discipline second.
No icon Startup - 10 years experience
I've spent most of my career in startups - both as a cog in the wheel and as co-founders. I have a good grasp of the challenges in the different stages of any startup, from building a cofounding team to fundraising, and from product prototyping to post-launch.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
I've been developing our flagship products at Gummicube on Meteor since the days of 0.6.x.
Amazon expert help AWS - 6 years experience
I have deployed large cluster of servers with custom EC2 tools for server management, utilizing a wide range of AWS offerings. I've also worked extensively with DynamoDB, including data migration from existing databases. I'm particularly interested in how AWS can help small teams deliver scale and reduce maintenance cost through automation.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 12 years experience
Bread and butter of my day-to-day for a good number of years. I've been using more MongoDB and DynamoDB in the recent years but I still maintain a strong foundation of relational database as well as when/why/how to migrate to or use a NoSQL solution.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 12 years experience
One of the more frequently used language in my day-to-day jobs in the past several years.
Devops expert help DevOps - 5 years experience
I've setup, automated, managed, monitored servers for large scale operations, as well as my own personal server for recreational use. I've been doing DevOps by necessity (e.g., startups where folks need to wear multiple hats). And over the years, I've grasp the good-bang-for-the-buck skills in DevOps to help make a developers life easier.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
Experience with gitflow (working with separate feature, release, and bug fix branches), as well as working with non-tech folks (e.g., artists at a gaming company) on working with git.
Python expert help Python - 4 years experience
I have used Python for building web apps (primarily with flask) as well as sysadmin scripts and server daemons. I have also experience working with non-blocking IO (gevent) in Python.
No icon Product management - 10 years experience
I've had experience working with both large and small teams, as well as with agile and waterfall methodology. I'm not particularly focused on the academic definition of a specific approach, but I am interested in sharing and discussing your particular scenario and challenges, then identify a plan of attack to improve on your existing process or to establish a new one.
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Awesome mentor!
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Shawn is great. Really helping me traverse Node.js and AWS.
Tanner Jones Feb 05, 2016

Shawn was really helpful with both high level questions AND helping me with really specific questions down to the exact line of code I was struggling with. Excited to keep working with him.
Tanner Jones Jan 13, 2016

Big help clearing some hurdles to upgrade our app.
Gene Billingsley Aug 06, 2015