How I learned Objective-C

Published Mar 23, 2018
How I learned Objective-C

About me

I am Manajit. I have 11+ years of corporate experience working as a developer of OpenJDK libraries on Mac OS X using Objective-C, C++, C, and Java languages. I have a Masters degree (MS) and Bachelors degree (BE) in Computer Science Engineering.

Why I wanted to learn Objective-C

I started working with Objective-C while working on SlingPlayer for Mac OS X. Initially, it took time for me to like the language, but after programming for some time, it became a favorite programming language.

How I approached learning Objective-C

I started working with Objective-C with the assignments on SlingPlayer for Mac OS X. Colleagues presented a few sessions on working with the language with few smaller assignments to get familiar with the language. I later on handled all of the developments on Mac OS independently and developed new features along with lots of issue fixing.

Challenges I faced

Objective-C is very different from C++, especially the method signature, lack of namespace, references, and few other differences. It took a little time to get adjusted with the method signature and slowly, I started liking it, and it became my favorite programming language.

Tips and advice

There is no better way to learn a new programming language other than writing code. Start with writing small programs. The more you write code, the better you will understand language features.

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