Top Senior Mailchimp Developers of July 2017

CTO - Startup Expert

I've been around the block and seen plenty of startups start and fail and start and succeed. I've been the developer and I've lead plenty of teams varying in size, I've touched languages from backend to frontend to mobile and systems. I can give you the secrets to make your business succeed from a technological perspective or help you solve your technical debt / issues in an agile and flexible way. If you're looking to quickly solve a problem I can help you, if you're looking for a long term mentor I can also help you.

Responsive Email Developer

Experienced HTML email developer (Mailchimp, Litmus, etc). I build meaningful, measurable improvements that impact millions of users for mainstream London businesses.

Front-End Web Developer with over 15 years experience.

A seasoned web developer with over 15 years experience with focus on front web development & design, accessibility and user experience. Built my first website in 1995, since then I've had a long career in Web Development. I would describe myself as a problem solver rather than an expert. I hope I can assist you in solving your problems. Get in touch!

CTO / Senior Developer

Ryan Felton is an effectual and highly motivated technology leader at NexusHQ with over a decade of experience in the technology industry, launching companies into competitive positioning. Known for his dedication, perseverance and expertise in identifying efficient, cost effective processes, Ryan has been recognized for successfully energizing teams towards highly efficient performances with direct positive impact on revenue. With a natural proclivity for forward thinking, Ryan led the Technology & Product Teams at BLiNQ Media to win the "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Innovation Competition", eventually growing the company from concept to acquisition by international publishing giant Gannett, a Fortune 500 Company, in (4) four years. Ryan has recently received an Executive MBA from the University of Missouri Kansas City with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, complimenting his experience building cross-functional, cross-cultural, global teams as well as his ability to build relationships of trust and loyalty with clients, prospects, co-workers, senior leadership, partners and employees. Ryan's latest venture is leading the technology team of a a rapidly growing company NexusHQ. Ryan is has joined the NexusHQ team as their CTO bring he's past two successes is ready to complete his trifecta by bring our technology to be #1 in the industry. KEY AREAS OF STRENGTH: • Executive Leadership • Startups & Web Development • New Business Development • Architecture & Development of Web 2.0 Technologies • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Disruptive Technology • Staff Recruitment & Development • Cloud Computing • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery • E-Commerce • Redundant Database Systems • Open Source Software • Distributed Information Systems • Business Integrations

A curious code pixie who loves learning

With almost 20 years experience in the ever changing website game my love of learning is never disappointed. And because I like to learn new things i also get huge satisfaction from helping others to learn too. From building your first HTML page through hunting bugs in MVC platforms to getting that darned pesky 3rd party api to play nicely - chuck a pixie in the mix for a pleasant surprise

Wordpress Guru/Web Developer

I am creative and dependable WordPress expert with 6+ years’ experience in building rich and interactive websites. Comprehensive understanding of WordPress core software, database connectivity and its functions. My rank among Top 5% on WordPress - CSS - HTML. Great communication with my Clients. I love to juggle multiple tasks; will go the extra mile to get the job done. 100% GURANTEED Satisfaction. Core Qualification :- - E-Commerce (Woo Commerce) experience. - WordPress theme and plug-in customization. - Premium Wordpress theme customization. - Responsive design ( Bootstrap & Custom ). - Mailchimp Integration. - Membership Website. - WHMCS Integration. - Convert Wix into Wordpress. - Google Analytics Integration. - Skilled at helping clients troubleshoot. - Sociable. - Self-directed My best WordPress Projects lists :- Lets proceed, I are expert and capable enough to fulfill your requirements. Please feel free to contact me. I sure to give you 100% satisfaction for your projects. Sincerely Ganesh Vishwakarma

Full Stack Developer

I am a full stack developer with a strong focus on developing responsive, mobile-first web and hybrid applications. Being both, a frontend and the backend developer presents me a variety of challenges, from user experience, layout, design to architecture, api design, database design, testing, system integration and even scalable infrastructure. This is what drives me forward and keeps the role interesting! Experience with various technologies enables me to adapt quickly to almost any existing project, whether it's based on NodeJS, PHP or .NET MVC 5. On the frontend side, my expertise lies within HTML5, CSS3, LESS, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular Material, Grunt/Gulp, Jasmine, Karma, D3, ThreeJS. I am independent and confident with my skills - I will either find what I need or build it myself, knowledge of vanilla JavaScript always comes in handy. My recommendations for any new project surrounds AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Docker and various build tools. Database decision is probably the most important, but is subject to the project needs (performance over consistency). Additionally, I'll be blunt and admit that design is not my strongest side, but I can certainly build great layouts and interactions with the least amount of clicks / taps!

Android & iOS developer with a passion for C#, Mono and Xamarin

Experienced customer experience innovator

I am enthuastic in learning new things, develope my skills and inventing new ways to combine my experience with new opportunitities to produce better results. I’ve long experience in project work and different roles in projects. I worked both as a Technical Product Owner as a Scrum Master in Scrum Team, in business environments where many of the stakeholders and colleagues were not as technical oriented. My job is to be the interpreter and to weld the teams to a working unit. Ownership and taking responsibilities are some of my key strenghts. I believe that delivering produces better results than perfecting. If there is a hindrance, that is perfect time to both learn new things, evaluate situation and seek better solutions. Living in project environment has taught me to be in expecting problems and also My role as World Championship level sports coach has taught me a lot about motivation, team building, communication and respecting everyone as individual. Rather than looking for someone to blame I believe setbacks are the moments of strenghtening relationships and trust between the participants. I set my bar high and find myself often outside of my comfort zone. Heck, that’s where the improvement and self-development occurs. I’m a constant reader (or actually listener) of educational books. Learning and leveraging myself strives me far, but with high drive must one also take care of resting and recovery. I’ve found mindfullness very useful and practical solution for both team and personal leadership. And it deepens connection in relationships, too. Whilst my expertise has risen, have I not forgotten the inner baby boy who has always been very interested in new gadgets and phenomenons. As the Head of IT I participated hands on to the proof of concepts before decision making. Not because I had to but because it was fun and inspiring! My two careers, one as international comptitor and one as a leader of employees has ensured me about positive outlook and it's benefits. There’s has been many courses and personal guidance with sport psychologists for me as a competitor, but also training in MSVE and Sports Coaching that has helped me in the field of positive psychology. Martin Seligman and Erik Bertrand Larssen’s books about positivity have influenced me a lot. My results and success as an entrepreneur and previously in plerothra of responsible positions has proven my ability and willingness to take responsibility, drive to deliver, understanding of how to produce lasting results and experience how to build winning teams that participant reminince with good feelings. I am ready accept the challenge and to provide all my and network’s knowledge at your service.

Free Agent, Previously Director of Application Engineering at PlaceWise Media

As a seasoned product innovator I value integrity, hard work, and intrinsic motivation. I do not believe in wasting time on anything that I set out to do; if I take on a project or join a new team I give it my all. This passion is directly reflected in each of the projects I have had the pleasure of being a part of. While I have managed both local and remote organizations, I write code, tinker with design, design application work flows and processes, but most importantly drive innovation. I believe an organization’s success is derived from the collaborative successes of all of its parts working together to achieve a common goal. I believe we are all capable of innovation. At the end of the day, life has to be about more than just code. You have to actually LIVE IT. If you have not had the pleasure of reading the “5 Mystical Practices of Great Engineers” by Ara. T. Howard, it explains these beliefs better than I can. When I am not online you will find me bouldering, body building, or exploring nature. Music moves me throughout the day. Different tunes are utilized for different purposes. I collect tattoos and hope to have a full bodysuit one day. No, they do not all have stories like they preach on various tattoo tv shows. Meditation, acupuncture, and massage are part of my regular routine. I love to read and have derived inspiration from J.Raymond. These are mere snippets of my life. I am addicted to the adventure and doing everything I can with the one life we all share in the same game. Website: Twitter: Resume: DotFiles: GitHub:

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