Angular, My First love

Published Sep 18, 2017
Angular, My First love

What a journey this has been! Code School and I started on this Journey to create Staying Sharp with AngularJS soon after Shaping Up with Angular launched. Along with conflicting time frames between dev and content teams, the untimely announcement of 2.0, and me flying solo for the first time, this course has taken longer than expected. That being said, I still use Angular in my programming on the side, she is still my framework of choice.

I know many people get caught up in the hype. They start using a JS framework because it is what all the cool kids are using. Then, in a year or so, when it becomes less hot, they drop it for a new shiny toy.

Angular, for me, is not like that. Early on in my development days, back at Full Sail, one of my teachers taught Angular during a project month. I remember that light bulb moment when I saw data being changed in the database, and then magically, with no refresh, the scope and template updated as well.

Seeing three-way binding, showing off the power of Angular with Firebase, literally, blew my mind.

I was hooked from then on. No matter what odd conventions (or lack thereof), no matter the mood of the community, no matter my frustration at times, Angular is still my first love.

You never forget the first time you truly get programming. All of a sudden, all of these terms, methods, pieces just fall into place —and you get it.

If you have yet to find this magical spark, this defining light bulb moment, I encourage you to keep at it. Perhaps you will find it with Angular, and then again, perhaps not. But no matter what, keep at it! It is that passionate enlightening embrace that keeps me seeking — keeps me learning, and ultimately keeps me happy.


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