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Mahmoud Zalt

Mahmoud Zalt

Senior PHP Web Developer, Laravel Expert, Docker Enthusiast and Open Source Advocate.

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-04:00 DST)
Arabic, French, English
Mahmoud specializes in building Web Apps and API’s using PHP on top of Laravel. He has over 6 years of practical experience, working with professional companies locally and remotely. He is very proficient with PHP and an early adopter of Laravel. Has been using it since early version 3, and have attended the Laracon conference to meet the contributors in person. As well as he was listed in the "Top 15 Laravel People to Follow Online". In addition he is very enthusiast about Docker and has created LaraDock (the most popular solution for running Laravel on Docker). For 2 months the project was listed as the most trending project on Github in the Nginx category. He is an active creator of open source projects, his best projects are Hello API, Laravel CDN, NextPack, API Manager, URL Shortener, Freestyle Architecture and LaraDock. His main back-end stack includes PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, Git, Docker, PHPUnit, Codeception... And his front-end stack contains JavaScript, AngularJS, Gulp, Less, HTML5, CSS3, Bower, Bootstrap... He is very passionate about software architectures, design patterns and best practices. He created his own software architecture (Freestyle Architecture) for enterprise Apps development. He is a founder at Moubarmij.com (an Arabic e-learning platform). And a co-founder at Karmit.co (a rewarding mobile App). He loves sharing his knowledge with others. And whenever he finds a free time he dedicates it to writing blog posts, tips and tricks. Recording screencast tutorials. Giving lightning talks and speaking at podcasts. Answering tech questions. And mentoring developers at Hackathons and online. For him, coding is not a job it is an enjoyable lifestyle. And he enjoys helping people as much as he enjoys coding. Don't hesitate to contact him, he would love to speak with you.

I will install the Docker dependencies and then download all Laravel required softwares as Docker Containers, to run Laravel on Docker, making docker your new development environment instead of Homestead (Vagrant).

I will Install Git on your machine, create a repository for you on Github or BitBucket and push your code to the repository using the Git commands.

I will show you how to build and API with Laravel 5, and help you build a professional API for your next Mobile and Web App. You can choose to build it from scratch or be smarter and pick an API starter that gives you most of the API features.

No icon Laravel - 3 years experience
Started with Laravel in January 2013 (3 years++) Built the first project with (version 3.2.13). I have a deep understanding of Laravel's codebase. I've built more than 20 projects with Laravel and also I have built 7 open source projects for it.
No icon Api development - 2 years experience
- I built a great starter project "Hello API" to help developers build professional API on top of Laravel 5.1 quickly https://github.com/Mahmoudz/Hello-API - I wrote the blog post "Build a Better API"(http://www.mahmoudzalt.com/blog/build-a-better-api/) - I built some API's and build an open source package called "API Manager" https://github.com/Vinelab/api-manager
No icon Web development - 6 years experience
I love web development :D I spend 80% of time on the Backend side and the rest on the Frontend side. I use Laravel for 90% of my web projects. Web development is what I'm mostly expert at and what I love to do. My Web Development main stack: PHP 5/7, Laravel 3/4/5, JavaScript 2, AngularJS 1.5, HTML 5, CSS 3, Twitter Bootstrap 3, MySQL 5, Redis 3, Git, PHPUnit, Mockery, Codeception, Neo4j, Docker, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Homestead, Bower, NPM, Less, Xdebug, HyperSQL, SQLite, jQuery, Gulp, Yeoman, Composer, NGINX, Apache, Lighttpd, HHVM, Tmux, VIM, Github, Bitbucket, Travis­CI, BugSnag, SQL, PhpStorm, Sublime, MemCached, Beanstalkd, Digital Ocean, iPage, Amazon EC2/S3/CloudFront, OOP, MVC, DDD, SOLID, BDD, Design Patterns, Design & Architecture Principles, Architectural Patterns, AJAX, APIs Integrations, JWT, CORS, Foundation, Materialize CSS, Angular Material, Hosting, OWASP, Agile Scrum/Kanban, JSON, XML, Markdown, Linux Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS, Mac, JIRA, Slack...
Php expert help PHP - 6 years experience
Started with PHP in January 2011 (5 years ++). Developing Applications for Companies & Clients. I've built an contributed to many open source packages and projects. https://github.com/Mahmoudz
Hello-API 284   35
A Starter providing everything to build a modern API, with PHP and Laravel 5
PHP HTML ApacheConf
Porto 59   11
Porto is a Modern Software Architectural Pattern.
laravel-porto 2   0
Laravel's implementation of the the Porto Software Architectural Pattern.
fyber-php-sdk 1   0
PHP SDK for the Fyber.com API (http://developer.fyber.com/content/)
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Mahmoud was absolutely awesome. He was patient, kind, understanding, fun, and was genuinely interested in making sure that I understood the concepts I was having challenges with. Not only Laravel, but PHP as well. He has a fantastic attitude and deep knowledge of PHP, Laravel, and web technologies. If you get a chance to work with Mahmoud or get help from him, you should take the opportunity without hesitation. Thank you Mahmoud for all of your help and guidance.
Ritchie May 23, 2016

Mahmoud was very helpful, solved my issue within the hour, good explanation of what was going on. Highly recommended !
Niko Nelissen May 20, 2016