James Collin, Lumen freelance coderView Profile
James Collin5.0
Freelance Lumen developer in Bhilai, India

Senior Full Stack Software Developer and R expert

I am 2010 graduate batch from Michigan State University having Bachelors degree in Mathematics. From then I have worked with a breadth of companies from software giant EBAY to a 1 year old startups. In EBAY, I have lead a team of 4 engineers. I have solid grasp of software engineering and worked with very interesting technologies.
Seyi Adeleke, Lumen freelance coderView Profile
Seyi Adeleke4.0
Freelance Lumen developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full stack web developer

Full stack javascript developer with experience building and writing DRY, testable and efficient code. My interests include javascript and accompanying technologies, devops and command line tools.
Tega Oghenekohwo, Lumen dev and freelancerView Profile
Tega Oghenekohwo
Freelance Lumen developer in Berlin, Germany

Product Engineer at hocaboo

I am using Lumen for a side project currently and the experience has been awesome
Roj Vroemen, Lumen freelance programmerView Profile
Roj Vroemen
Freelance Lumen developer in Berlin, Germany

Freelance Software Developer

In the past I would always go to frameworks such as Silex or Slim when I needed something light but this all changed when Taylor Otwell decided to release Lumen. I mainly use this for simple applications such as a small REST API or an image server which just crops and serves images.
Chris Gmyr, Lumen freelance developerView Profile
Chris Gmyr
Freelance Lumen developer in Holly Springs, United States

Laravel, PHP, Full Stack, API, Microservices, and Musician

I've been using Lumen since it came out. Mostly building APIs/microservices, and a few small sites.
Sean Moe, freelance Lumen developerView Profile
Sean Moe5.0
Freelance Lumen developer in San Marcos, United States

Full Stack Development Expert with a heavy focus on clean code, quality environment and great user experience.

I spend quite a bit of my time helping new and existing companies streamline their processes in order to enhance user experience while keep costs to a minimum. Having spent the past twenty years working in the industry I have had a lot of experience with that does work, and what does not. I am a big fan of the Lean startup model and really enjoy helping startups get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Peter Matseykanets, Lumen software engineer and devView Profile
Peter Matseykanets5.0
Freelance Lumen developer in Ellicott City, United States

Seasoned Software Developer

Database and Software Development Professional with more than 16 years of experience and a solid record of successfully accomplished projects. Possesses both deep technical and project management skills. Has very strong skills in database technologies. Very well versed with SQL across several major RDBMSes.
Stefan Korunovski, Lumen freelancer and developerView Profile
Stefan Korunovski5.0
Freelance Lumen developer in Skopje, Macedonia

Web developer with React and VueJS frontend experience, and Laravel (PHP) and NodeJS on the server side.

I am currently working both back-end and front-end solutions in Laravel 5 and Vuejs / React. I have always been interested in the whole process of development (incl. deployment) of applications so I found myself enjoying the full stack responsibilities. I am passionate about Node.js and I prefer it for personal and more creative projects. Smooth and continuous development and deployment are main prerequisite for a project of any size so a lot of attention is paid to the build process (gulp + webpack2) and CI (Jenkins, GitLab etc.) with Docker.
Olotin Temitope, Lumen software engineerView Profile
Olotin Temitope5.0
Freelance Lumen developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Developer

Temitope is a seasoned Web and Mobile application developer. He loves singing and when he is not coding, guess what? He is busy thinking about business ideas.
Femi, top Lumen developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Lumen developer in San Francisco, United States

I'm a full stack developer doing Backend and Frontend work using PHP, Firebase, Javascript, Servers, Google App Engine, doing DevOps on AWS, Digital Ocean & Google Compute Engine,

Over 10 years doing core application development and also spend of a lot of time working with teams of developers as CTO. I have a lot of experience and knowledge. I design architecture for apps, write a lot of PHP code, can answer questions around PHP, very experienced with Firebase and several of the Google APIs and Products and use the Google Cloud Platform.
Wale, top Lumen developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Lumen developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Javascript lover hacking on IOT

Backend developer building scalable solutions to problems
Nicolas Galler, senior Lumen developerView Profile
Nicolas Galler
Freelance Lumen developer in Martinsburg, United States

Expert Web & CRM Developer

Experienced software engineer with a broad skill set. Team player with excellent communication and time management skills. Problem solver specialized in web API integration, Javascript development (Web & Mobile), Salesforce.com and InforCRM customizations, custom PHP, Python, Ruby and .NET development.
Nathaniel Blackburn, Lumen consultant and programmerView Profile
Nathaniel Blackburn4.9
Freelance Lumen developer in Lancaster, United Kingdom

UI Engineer

My name is Nathaniel Blackburn, i am a full stack developer from the United Kingdom who is entirely self taught. From a young age i have always had a passion for computers and have been building my skills since.
GEORGE ONWUASOANYA, Lumen software engineer and devView Profile
Freelance Lumen developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Web Application Developer at INITS Limited

A very hard working and keen person, fun to be with and trust worthy. Plus i have a good sense of humor. Loves One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. Have a great passion for Teaching Programming and Tech stuffs
Jonathan Itakpe, Lumen software engineerView Profile
Jonathan Itakpe
Freelance Lumen developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full-Stack Web Developer

I am an experienced Full-Stack web developer with years of experience under my belt. I primarily focus on the Backend using languages such as Python, PHP and Javascript.

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