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Hi :) I've been coding since 8 yrs. old and I totally love it :) I have plenty experience with several technologies and more importantly, have had the opportunity to teach and share them with multiple people: from managers and developers, to designers and marketers. I hope we will have a wonderful time sharing knowledge and solving fun issues ;)
Ruby expert help Ruby - 8 years experience
As I said, we are basically a rails shop. But... We have also built Ruby (non-web) apps for multiple escenarios: from data processing, job queues and maintenance.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 8 years experience
I use Javascript (sadly) every day. Yes... I said sadly. I will help you deal with this bastard.
Php expert help PHP - 14 years experience
I know PHP since late 90's. I even created a micro framework that -in my opinion- was not as bloated as the majority out there. I got to the point in which I modified PHP C sources in order to adapt it to my needs... That until I realised the pain in the ass it is and moved for the good.
Sql expert help SQL - 15 years experience
Well... I learned SQL when I was a child. Experience with SQL Server, Oracle, SQLlite, mySQL & Postgres.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 5 years experience
We are a Rails shop. We use Rails for almost every webapp we create.
Scala expert help Scala - 3 years experience
Scala is my preferred language. I have built NLP systems and distributed processing with it. We have also applied it to text entity extraction and machine learning. The last thing I did with it was to extract ~4M records from costarican Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (like the electoral entity) to test a prototype of idea that ended up being very successful :D
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
I use jQuery very often. From static websites to complex webapps.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Well... I have taught multiple teams to implement git to their work flows :D
Server expert help Server - 10 years experience
I have plenty experience dealing with web deployment on *nix servers. The normal: db installations, webserver installations, environment preparation and such. I love FreeBSD :D
koala 0   0
A lightweight, flexible library for Facebook with support for OAuth authentication, the Graph and REST APIs, realtime updates, and test users.
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Outstanding help. Helped with the problem and also showed me few new tips along the way. Definitely recommend!
Reid Kelley Jan 07, 2015

Luis was incredibly helpful, he helped me work through a very complex issue and helped me get it live before my deadline, I couldn't be happier.
Jordan Hudgens Dec 26, 2014

Luis was a great help! He solved my problem fast, and proposed several good ideas to improve my overall codebase. I will use him again!
Tony Castiglione Nov 28, 2014

Luis was very helpful in taking a rather vague objective involving the Twitter API and writing the code I needed to get the desired response. He has perfect verbal English and he was also very respectful of the time elapsed which helped to keep the total charge to a minimum. I highly recommend him and look fwd to using him again.
Nate Hindman Apr 07, 2014