Create your own crypto-currency and crowdfunding with Ethereum.

Published Oct 27, 2017
Create your own crypto-currency and crowdfunding with Ethereum.

As an Ethereum developer, one of the most common projects I get is the creation of a new coin and possibly crowdfunding.

Although there is a misconception about the whole area of crowdfunding and ICO, I will limit myself to just the technical side here.

Surprisingly few people know that if you don't need anything really customized for you, there is already code for a contract and crowdsale, available with explanation here:


People should not spend time and money on something that is available and from a reputable source, such as

If the issue is how to deploy it, then I recommend MetaMask for someone new to this (or the Ethereum Wallet).

There are a lot of resources online, but if one searches "Deploying a smart contract with Metamask," for example, it will yield a large number of resources.

As I said, coin creation is something that is standard (ERC20), so if that is what you need, I would recommend the above.

If your requirements are particular, then one should consider customizing the solution. However, one has to be careful of what is being built.

Security, for example, is something people take for granted, until it's too late, of course.

I am in no way linked with I just think it's very informative and a great resource overall. The above is based only on my experience as an Ethereum developer.

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