React vs. Angular: Which one is easier

Published Feb 13, 2018
React vs. Angular: Which one is easier

The world of internet is predominantly owned by the programmers. The one programming language that is rapidly changing and bringing change at an accelerating speed is JavaScript. The React and Angular are the big platforms that every novice and veteran programmer is engaged with. A new debate is being raised in the programming world that which language is comparatively easy to use. As both React and Angular are highly advanced and are used globally. This article does a comparison of both the languages to find out which one is easier for programmers to grasp upon.

Both Angular and React are single page applications. Angular is fully-featured MVC framework, developed and maintained by Google whereas React is an open source JS library which is developed and maintained by Facebook. The tool chain in React is high as compared to Angular where it is low. Angular has a high learning curve whereas React has a low which takes time for the developer to master initially. The data flow control in React is one way whereas in Angular it is two-way which makes it complex when dealing with the large application. Debugging sometimes can be the toughest thing to do. Angular’s runtime debugging tends to provide less information than React’s assemble time debugging.

The easiness of the framework depends on how we utilize these instruments in a project. React initially seems easier as we are required to write old-school JavaScript and constructs HTML around it but the usage of the additional tool makes it difficult. The use of syntax and questions in Angular makes it difficult for programmers at first but it features benefit more than React. It some cases Angular is better and in some React, it all depends upon the programmer to amuse him with both these languages to perk up his application game.

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