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Highly experienced full-stack web developer specialising in Rails & Sencha Touch

London (+00:00)
I am highly experienced full-stack web developer based in Birmingham, UK. I specialise in building: bespoke web apps; RESTful JSON APIs; and cross-platform mobile apps with Ruby on Rails, Sencha Touch & Angular JS. I'm a qualified Software Engineer and have over 5 years commercial web/mobile development experience working with a variety of clients – some of which are world-leaders in their respective industries. By hiring me, you get access to me directly - no project managers inflating my hourly rate.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 5 years experience
Experienced full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. I have built a variety of applications including: bespoke web apps; content management systems; RESTful JSON APIs; and content transformations servers. I do agile development and test with RSpec / Capybara
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Experienced Sencha Touch developer. Developed WebSQL proxy for Sencha Touch 1 (https://github.com/lisimba/Ext.data.WebSqlProxy) Built & manage cross-platform mobile app for world-leading publishing house (http://www.cell.com/mobile).
Ruby expert help Ruby - 5 years experience
Building command line interfaces (CLIs) for a variety of tasks. Video transformation - taking a single video input and transcoding it to various formats with ffmpeg. Mobile app icon generator - taking a single high-resolution app icon and re-generating it at all the required sizes for iOS/Android apps. iPhone 6 reservation tool: automating reservations of iPhone 6s.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
Hand coding HTML & CSS from scratch. Replicating any design into pixel perfect HTML & CSS. Responsive web development. Experienced Bootstrap framework developer.
Amazon expert help AWS - 5 years experience
Serving Rails & PHP apps on EC2. Serving content via S3 & Cloud Front. Configuring S3 to work with CORS. Configuring S3 to work with Cloud Front. Using Route 53 as a DNS service. Setting up and configuring RDS. Automating EC2 deployments with Chef.
Server expert help Server - 10 years experience
Deploying apps to AWS & Digital Ocean. Creating Chef recipes to automate cloud infrastructures. Setting up & configuring: Ubuntu, Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, MySQL, Redis. Securing Ubuntu.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 7 years experience
- optimising MySQL queries; - writing MySQL queries from hand; and - designing databases;
Ext.data.WebSqlProxy 9   3
Sench Touch WebSQL proxy for connecting models and stores to local WebSQL databases
haproxy 0   0
Development repository for Opscode Cookbook haproxy
knife-digital_ocean 0   0
Knife plugin to manage/bootstrap DigitalOcean cloud instances. Supports chef-server and knife-solo bootstrapping
learning-clojure 0   0