Top Senior Linux termi Developers - Dec 2017

System Administrator and DevOps at Evolve Media, LLC

A Linux System Administrator with years of experience building and maintaining environments on private owned hardware, virtual machines and Cloud computing providers like AWS. I can take your code from your git repo running on that local VM, Vagrant or Docker box to a full size full scalable service running on the cloud with everything in between so you don't worry about infrastructure and just keep on building your great apps, or do You want to build it yourself, that's great I also love to share the knowledge I can talk you trough all the process and let you know of the corner cases, tips and tricks I have learned working with big multinational companies.

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CodementorX saved me a lot of time by sending a shortlist of qualified developers within 72 hours. On top of that, payment through CodementorX was secure and communication was easy. I was extremely satisfied with the engagement!

David Lasry
Creator of PlayZik

As a marketplace and 500 Startups company ourselves, we were happy to give CodementorX’s platform a go when we needed developers with specialized skillsets. They did not disappoint and allowed us to find qualified devs painlessly.

Itamar Yunger
Founder of Soundbetter

Besides having access to highly talented and experienced web developers, CodementorX's project management service also help manage timeliness and bridge communication between the founders and the web developers. This is extremely helpful and valuable, especially for non-technical founders like myself.

Jodie Lee
Founder of PerfectSpot

CodementorX is a freelance hiring platform uniquely different from other platforms. Freelancers on Codementor function as mentors to less experienced coders, who collectively help curate a list of the most elite mentors. When hiring through CodementorX, I know I’m hiring the best.

Guy Jack
Founder & CEO of FNDRZ