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Linton Ye

Linton Ye

Android (since 2007), React Native, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, UI design

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Chinese, English
Android developer (since 2007), toolsmith, public speaker, blogger, entrepreneur and lifelong learner
Android expert help Android - 7 years experience
I started writing Android apps since 2007 with two million cumulative app downloads. I’m the main creator of jimu Mirror, a productivity tool for Android developers that saves time with live previews of layouts, animations and interactions on multiple devices. Mirror removes the need for frequent (and slow) redeployment of the full app by hot-swapping just updated resources and Java code. More details and videos can be found at http://jimulabs.com/ Making Mirror requires in depth knowledge of Android’s resource system, layout inflation process, Dex class loaders, build tools, animations and open source libraries, as well as a good understanding of Android user interface conventions and guidelines.
Java expert help Java - 8 years experience
I have been a professional Java developer for over 8 years with experience at IBM and a couple of startups I founded. I have worked on projects involving mobile, web, development tools, compilers, Domain Specific Languages, Aspect-oriented programming and user interfaces. Involving technologies include IntelliJ IDEA plugin development, Eclipse plugin development, SWT, EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework), AspectJ, template-based code generation. And non-Java but relevant experience in Ruby, Rails, Ember.js, jsPlumb.
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Ricardo Aravena Jul 09, 2016