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Leif Gensert

Leif Gensert

Full Stack Developer and Coach

Berlin (+01:00)
German, Spanish, English
I have been a developer basically all my life. Started early in high school with programming games on my calculator, studied computer science and after graduated made my career as a developer. I worked for small startups and large coorperations. I always loved helping out my colleagues and figuring out complex problems. Whenever a nasty bug was resolved it put a smile to my face. I use Ruby on Rails on a daily basis and know my way around. On the side I have been coaching this wonderful technologies to newcomers. It's alwqys great to see technology through the eyes of someone else.
Ruby expert help Ruby - 4 years experience
Programming ruby is my day job. I realized several projects in Ruby (Rails and plain Ruby)
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 4 years experience
Realized several Rails projects, working on commercial projects on a daily basis. I put a lot of focus on testing I have experience with rspec, cucumber and capybara (with selenium)
Git expert help Git - 4 years experience
Using git on the shell on a daily basis
Sql expert help SQL - 7 years experience
Experience with: - Oracle - PostgreSQL - MySQL
Devops expert help DevOps - less than 1 year experience
Experience with puppet and docker
No icon Shell - less than 1 year experience
Using the shell on a daily basis
No icon Tmux - less than 1 year experience
Using it on a daily basis. No scripting experience though.
excellent 16   5
Excel Parser written in Elixir (currently only Excel 2000)
formulon 7   0
Salesforce Formula Parser implemented in ES2015
chef-oracle-xe 4   12
recipe for installing oracle-xe
Ruby Shell
chef-oracle-sqlplus 3   1
chef recipe to install sqlpus on ubuntu
Ruby Shell
imdb2rtm 2   0
little ror application that pulls items from the ToDo List service RememberTheMilk and matches it with IMDB
Ruby JavaScript
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Helped me debug my performance / memory issue with a Ruby algorithm.
Max Pleaner Jun 21, 2016