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Steve Desmond, top Legacy code developerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Ithaca, United States

Hacker, Builder, Continuous Deliverer — Craftsmanship as a Service

Most of my career has been working with legacy code, and during that time I've learned a thing or two about how to get (and keep) things up-to-date. If you're looking at something thinking, "how does this work?", "how did it ever work?", or "how do I make this not terrible?" I can help!
Michael Munger, senior Legacy code developerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Lafayette, United States

Full stack web applications with a focus on PHP/Laravel 5

Strategies to migrate legacy PHP code and/or applications to a modern framework such as Laravel 5.
Charlton Wilbur, Legacy code software engineerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Spofford, United States

Software Engineer, Teacher, Explainer and De-Mystifier

I'm a software engineer with over ten years of exprerience in software architecture, client-server programming, and dynamic languages -- Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript. I'm also a humanist who's overeducated in music theory and history, with experience teaching in a college classroom and in a software boot camp environment. If you're learning to code or struggling with a problem that's just out of your grasp -- the best way to learn! -- I can help you break problems down, understand the pieces, and create a solution.
Lev Burov, freelance Legacy code programmerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Naperville, United States

Puts the thinking cap on.

It takes a balance many skills to build a technology for a startup. I have created many small and several large products, including REST API's, web apps and mobile apps. I have come to realize that thinking of tests first yields simpler and more resilient architectures that can withstand significant changes. A changeable code is a must in the fast-paced startup world, and that is why I am also an advocate for statically typed languages.
Donatas Aleksandravičius, Legacy code engineer and developerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growth accelerator with 12+ years of experience

Hi! My name is Donatas and I'm an expert in high profile e-commerce websites using custom frameworks. In my 12+ years of experience I have worked with only growing projects and growing companies. I've done migrations of huge databases, created a unique authorization system before OAuth was trendy, worked on ad-serving software for millions of views per day. I am specializing in upgrading existing code base to a high quality, reusable, tested code. One, which many developers love to work with. Also running and maintaining high-profile e-commerce platforms.
Benjamin Zuill-Smith, Legacy code programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Escondido, United States

Lead Developer at GDS Storefront Estimating

I am a full stack developer and most enjoy coding as opposed to front-end visual design. I love using JavaScript. I'm also enjoying building Windows Desktop applications. I dive deep in code and tools to understand them completely. I think it's better when people do that together with kindness and humility toward one another. My goal is to help people turn up the good in software development by helping them learn, jump over some of the learning curves and hurtles that I've experienced, and pass on practices that can help us all enjoy coding a even more. I've been developing software professionally for 5 years. I have extensive experience with Node.js and related web technologies. I also enjoy discussing software methodologies like Test Driven Development, Pair Progamming, Mob Programming...
Rhys Daniell, Legacy code freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Perth, Australia

Ancient wisdom

I could loosely be described as semi retired but inactivity is not for me. I have a wealth of experience in coding applications that run reliably 24x7 and dealing with customers with little interest in or aptitude for technology, and I'd like to share it.
Ben Lopatin, Legacy code freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Geneva, United States

I help clients with Django sites get the most from their investment beyond launch day

Known to solve problems and turn clients into super heroes. My clients want to grow their businesses and expand the reach of their non-profits. They have concrete problems like how to boost revenue 20% and abstract problems like how to help their employees become more engaged. I bring them solutions. Sometimes this just means donuts. The rest of the time it means an understanding of their challenges, a clear roadmap for getting from the status quo to a brighter future, and a technological solution to make that roadmap a reality. And all with a toolbox full of open source tools like Python, Django, and PostgreSQL. And sometimes donuts.
Siniša Čulić, Legacy code freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Linz, Austria

Full Stack Backend/Front End developer

Always Evolving my self and my Environment. Learning is my only Constant. RESTFUL is only a word my services. Love to Discuss Explain How Things work. From Base to up. First Measure what you are lacking and help you improve. That is my Goal as person and as a project :)
Ján Dzurek, Legacy code freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Legacy code developer in Brno, Czechia

jack-of-all-trades programmer

I'm a programming and devops enthusiast not settled on a single platform. I enjoy working with multiple environments, technologies, and languages simultaneously, always exploring, comparing, and contrasting them, widening my knowledge, and bringing ideas from one to another. I have experience with console, desktop, and web applications and services development small and large, using both statically and dynamically typed languages. I'm not the usual certified developer/analyst/architect by the template. I'm a jack of all trades and I believe there are uses for our kind.

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