Jaspalsinh Chauhan, Learning concepts software engineer and devView Profile
Jaspalsinh Chauhan4.9
Freelance Learning concepts developer in Ahmedabad, India

.NET, C# & Xamarin stack code monkey, hoping since 7+ years

Throw me some C# or .NET or Xamarin, I live on that. Your problem will be casted to acceptable solution !!
Sergio Antonio Marquez De Silva, senior Learning concepts developer for hireView Profile
Sergio Antonio Marquez De Silva4.9
Freelance Learning concepts developer in Issaquah, United States

Software Engineer, Geek Guru, Full Stack Developer

I love learn and share my knowledge. I have had to develop software since 15 years ago for work and fun. I contribute in open source & non-profit organizations. Always expanding my skills.
Nick Nguyen, Learning concepts freelance programmerView Profile
Nick Nguyen5.0
Freelance Learning concepts developer in Saint Paul, United States

Full Stack Developer and Product Manager

Hi! I currently work for the Daily Fantasy Sports site RotoGrinders.com on their premium tools such as Lineup Builder and DFS Analyzer. Lately I've focused on building ReactJS apps backed by ExpressJS microservices. In my role as a Development Manager I also mentor junior developers and that's one of my favorite parts of the job, which I suppose is why I'm here!
Timur Catakli, top Learning concepts developerView Profile
Timur Catakli
Freelance Learning concepts developer in San Francisco, United States

Front End Software Engineer

I am a passionate Front End Engineer utilizing latest JavaScript frameworks. My Skills List ● Full-Stack Development, Agile Software Development and TDD. ● Javascript / NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS and AngularJS (MEAN & MERN). ● ReactJS ecosystem: Redux, Redux-Forms, Redux Saga, React Router, ESLint, Typescript, Flow, Babel. ● CSS3, Sass, Less, PostCSS and templates such as Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation. ● HTML5, HAML, EJS and ERB. ● SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB and RethinkDB. ● Grunt, Gulp and webpack. ● Docker, Firebase, VirtualBox and VMware. ● Testing with Jasmine, RSpec, Jest, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme. ● Source Code Management Tools such as Github and Bitbucket(Stash). ● Ruby on Rails and Sinatra. ● Electron with a touch of PHP.
Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, Learning concepts developer and engineerView Profile
Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez
Freelance Learning concepts developer in La Línea de la Concepción, Spain
Teaching other people about how to use Angular.JS in their projects. I have been administrating the official IRC channel while giving support. Also I write Angular.JS tips and tricks.
Vladimir Katansky, Learning concepts freelancer and developerView Profile
Vladimir Katansky

Software Engineer & Lead developer

I'm well-seasoned full-stack developer with 3+ years of experience creating exceptional products using technologies like: Javascript, jQuery, Ember, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Ember, Swift, Ruby, Java, MySQL, Mongo, PostgreSQL. But the most advanced skill is the native javascript and all javascript-relative technologies. My skills also include Prototyping (UX analyse and system architecting), Project Management and Team Leading. I've Invented a lot of new design patterns and plugins, created private action-state JS engine as complete independent solution while working with different clients. Creating new solutions, inventing brand new design and engineer patterns is my true passion. My work features are: 1) 'golden mean' of quality and speed of development 2) cover app with tes...

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