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Andrzej Fenzel, senior Laravel 5.4 developerHire Now
Freelance Laravel 5.4 developer in Poznan, Poland

PHP SOLID programmer and project manager

It's almost 4 years now since I'm working with this framework (starting with earliers versions till the current 5.x versions). Currently I'm a project manager and company owner where we have a team of great Laravel programmers hired. To keep all of our programmers high level - we constanlty do internall trenings to floow with the latest Laravel updates.
Bruno Gaspar, Laravel 5.4 freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Laravel 5.4 developer in Porto, Portugal
Web Developer. Laravel evangelist. PHP/SQL back-ends. OOP skills and knowledge of design patterns. Unit testing and TDD.
Patrick, Laravel 5.4 developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Laravel 5.4 developer in Ashburn, United States

Web Software Engineer

I've been coding for nearly 25 years, and love it. I enjoy challenging projects, as well as engineering complex applications.
Onur Bulut Mutlu, Laravel 5.4 dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Laravel 5.4 developer in Ashburn, United States

Digital Marketing - E-Commerce - Automations Software Engineer - Digital Projects Consultant

*E-commerce Automations *Growth Hacking *Web Design Trends *Web Development Trends *Web Business Trends *Web Security *Social Media *Web Project Management *Web Marketing *Mobile Application Development *Responsive Design *Typography *HTML5 *JavaScript *Front-End Programming *Web and Content Marketing *CSS *Linked and Big Data *PHP Programming *JQuery *Managing your business (accounting, web hosting, tools etc) *Search Engine Optimization *Search Engine Marketing *Web Standards *Legal and Copyright *Legal issues *Web Server Admin (including hardware, security, network)
Dugeri, Verem Daniel, Laravel 5.4 programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Laravel 5.4 developer in Suleja, Nigeria

Intrigued by the why and how of everything.

A developer who aims to be boundless. I value quality above quantity. I understand that talent is important but I also understand that dedication can bring out the best in everyone. I am passionate about anything technology and it's inner workings.
Martin Tudor Pultz, Laravel 5.4 software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Laravel 5.4 developer in Victoria, Canada

Full Stack Developer

In my, over 10 years of software development, I have seen, experienced, and evolved with the rapid changes in web development on the front- and back-end. On the front-end, I started working with vanilla Javascript when frameworks didn't exist, picked up jQuery to reduce cross-browser issues and code complexity, and kept evolving my technology stack to include technologies like Sass, AngularJs, Angular, and Ionic; and integrate new methodologies like responsive web design, mobile-first development, and component architecture to accommodate changing standards. On the back-end, I started out with PHP delimited legacy ASP, develop for CMS frameworks like Drupal and Wordpress, embraced MVC frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP, and now choose between Laravel or Node depending on the applica...

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