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Kunal Kapadia

Kunal Kapadia

Ex Microsoft, Senior Fullstack Engineer, JS geek

Mumbai (+05:30)
• Software Engineer with ~3.5 years startup experience. Love building things from ground up. Believes in TDD. • Have good understanding and experience in server-side development, building highly scalable and performant REST APIs in Node.js, Express and MongoDB. • Also experienced in building Frontend Javascript Applications in AngularJS and Cross Platform Apps in Ionic Framework. • Interested in Competitive Programming - Spoj, CodeChef and TopCoder. Worked on: Node.js, Express, REST APIs, MongoDB, ES6, Mocha, AngularJS, Parse.com, Firebase, Ionic, GulpJS, Teamcity, Mixpanel, Loggly, Heroku, Git, Nginx, Ubuntu.
14 JavaScript
13 Node.js
5 Express
3 Git
express-mongoose-es6-rest-api 751   153
:collision: A boilerplate application for building RESTful APIs Microservice in Node.js using express and mongoose in ES6 with code coverage and JsonWebToken Authentication
security-guide-for-developers 0   2
Security Guide for Developers
parse-server-example 0   0
Example server using Express and the parse-server module.
pluralsight-redux-starter 0   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
pomodoro-timer 0   0
Simple Pomodoro Timer
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Worth all the time! If you are stuck don't hesitate to ask him. Also if you have little background on a certain topic he will help you and walk you through to make sure you don't leave still confused
Gabe Jacoby Oct 16, 2016

Fantastic tutor. Really helped me understand my lab.
Preston Oct 02, 2016

Kunal is knowledgable and thorough. His help is more than I could have asked for, and much more than I had expected.
Aaron Crane Sep 30, 2016

Kunal is more than helpful. Extremely knowledgable, and thorough in all of his help. Explanations are clear and understandable.
Aaron Crane Sep 30, 2016

Helped me in getting more insight about how NodeJs applications work, how to optimise an app and get real time analytics on how my api's are performing. Gave really good advice on learning and growing as a developer. Shared great resources that would aid towards better learning.
Brian Koech Sep 16, 2016

Very good. Very professional and patient.
Terry Bu Sep 14, 2016

He explains the concepts very well and takes time to make sure that questions have been answered sufficiently. He understands Javascript very well.
Robert Friedman Sep 13, 2016

Understands Node.Js really well and best practises around it. Helped me set up git hooks to enforce rules that would guide teams and code refactoring to suite best practises.
Brian Koech Sep 09, 2016

Excellent knowledge of Javascript/Node and good communicator.
Ontima Chung Aug 26, 2016

Excellent refactoring session. Helped setup Code Coverage.
MC Aug 19, 2016

Kunal was hugely helpful in helping me add unit tests to my NodeJS project. He helped me refactor the code into smaller modules that helped increase my testability.
MC Aug 18, 2016

Kunal jumped right into the project and started making very help refactoring suggestions. Great communication, very good speed. Will work with again and highly recommend.
MC Aug 18, 2016

My question was easily, and rapidly addressed successfully.
Marjorie Roswell Aug 03, 2016

Very helpful
Steve Tyler Aug 02, 2016

Very helpful. I'm a new developer, but he was able to simplify my problem and explain it to me in a way that I was able to easily understand. He knows his way around Node applications and his JavaScript knowledge is solid.
James Jul 28, 2016

Very helpful tutor!
Leo Jul 26, 2016

Very professional.
Will Hodges Jul 26, 2016

Very helpful and quick! If you have an issue with JavaScript/Node I definitely recommend him. It took him only a minute to look through my Mocha tests to understand what was going on, and was able to fix my JavaScript error within 15 minutes. Awesome!
James Jul 25, 2016

he knows his javascript, was able to help me solve an issue I had and explain to me in details of what was happening.
Hing Tang Jul 24, 2016

Kunal was fantastic. He rescued me from callback hell, promisified many aspects of my code and gave many helpful tips and explanations for writing sustainable asynchronous JavaScript. Definitely working with him again!
Reilly Sweetland Jul 24, 2016

Kunal was very helpful in troubleshooting an issue with me. He is very fair and quite honest. Worked quickly and made sure that he did not waste my time (and as a result my money). I STRONGLY recommend him. Not only does he have the technical skills but more importantly he is honest, and really cares about his role as a mentor.
Kalu Jul 18, 2016

Awesome Tutor!
Leo Jul 14, 2016

Great work Kunal!!!
Naina Sai Tipparti Jul 11, 2016