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Ryan Kuhn

Ryan Kuhn

Win32 API, .NET, C#, all around expert with 20 years of programming experience. If I am showing as offline, message me and I will respond ASAP!

Mountain Time (US & Canada) (-07:00)
Senior software engineer focusing on .NET enterprise architecutre, applications, user interfafces, GIS solutions, and all around solutions to coding problems. If I am showing as offline, message me and I will respond ASAP!
Csharp expert help C# - 10 years experience
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 18 years experience
No icon .NET - 10 years experience
C expert help C - 19 years experience
No icon Objectivity db - 13 years experience
Java expert help Java - 11 years experience
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 2 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
Php expert help PHP - 14 years experience
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 17 years experience
Perl expert help Perl - 14 years experience
No icon Fortify - 3 years experience
No icon Mfc - 15 years experience
No icon Visual basic - 17 years experience
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

patient, professional and calm - keeps going until a solution is found.
zoobyshoe Sep 19, 2015

great guy, really precise communicator, would use again.
zoobyshoe Sep 17, 2015

I've been using Ryan for months and will continue to do so. He's fantastic
Chase Sep 04, 2015

Anna Apr 19, 2015

Ryan continues to be an excellent resource. I've used him many times and will continue to use him in the future. With his help, there hasn't been one issue I haven't been able to resolve. A++++
Chase Apr 19, 2015

Very Knowledgeable and helpful. Great at breaking down problems and explaining them well.
Ricky Mar 19, 2015

Greatest mentor around. This guy knows his stuff. Polite, helpful, comical. 10/10 would come back again!!
tom Mar 08, 2015

Ryan was extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Very willing to help. What I loved the most is his thoughtfulness to really understand the problem before jumping right into it. I will definitely look for Ryan again if/when I have more issues.
Brandon Ray Feb 13, 2015

Very knowledgable
Brent Feb 09, 2015

Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable C/C++ developers I've ever met. I will continue to consult him whenever I've reached my knowledge threshold regarding C and its best practices.
Chase Feb 08, 2015

I was trying to re-learn some C/socket programming and was starting to feel stuck. Ryan was exactly what I needed. He's very knowledgeable and I'll be using him again. Worth every minute.
Chase Feb 03, 2015