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Google is now using AI to automate its Spreadsheets

Published Jun 14, 2017
Google is now using AI to automate its Spreadsheets

Google has announced its new trademark of Artificial Intelligence in “Google sheets” channels, named- the spreadsheet app. This app is less flashy and helps understand the commands in plain language. The professionals, scientists, business analysts, and accountants make use of spreadsheets to process digital data. But for the ones who do not waste a lot of time in calculations, this can be a challenging tool, despite being widely accessible. This AI tool makes computers act like humans so that human do not have to put in additional effort to act like computers.

To adapt machine learning technology, the search giant instructs a brain-like “neural network” of computers to emulate the patterns more accurately. Generally, the machine learning technology is more flexible than human intelligence. The search giant uses this technology for taking good photos, translating languages, and preventing contagious dangerous phishing attacks via e-mails. Coming to Google Sheets, the G Suite app is a few step ahead of Google Slides for presentations, and Google Docs for word processing. The salient features that have helped the G Suite app achieve this are-

The latest network for framing charts out of spreadsheet data, which includes 3D options along with new chart types.
Ability to integrate data from Google Sheets into Google slides or Google Docs easily.
It controls more printing options like Zoom scale and margins.

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