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Alexander K.

Alexander K.

Taskmaster - there is no task I cannot master. Currently one of the Top 10 Ruby Developers on Codementor. London, UK

London (+00:00)
Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English
I’m a full stack web developer who loves working with open source technology. I work best at planning the architecture of web applications and their development life cycles. I also love to get the community involved and have had much experience with building and organizing large community related projects.

I will help you understand and create your first rails app. Through my personal and professional approach. You will build a small and unique app which can range from various examples we can discuss before purchasing this gig.

Stripe Integration to your Rails App

Stripe Integration to your Rails App

$400 - Delivery in 2 Days

I have integrated Stripe over a dozen times on this site as a live session, and would like to offer anyone who needs it in a more quiet atmosphere. If your app needs either payments or subscriptions, with stripe accepting any currency and credit card, just let me know.

I can help you with any needs of your rails/ruby app to exceed expectation, give ti a proper testing suite or just make it work properly

17 Ruby on Rails
12 Ruby
9 JavaScript
4 Git
3 Html
Ruby expert help Ruby - 6 years experience
Working as a full time senior developer in a full stack ruby role with one of the biggest online dictionary companies. Been developing ruby and rails since rails 3, so around 2010.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Great experience alongside my web dev career. Can teach you about scopes, closures and prototype chains if you wish.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
Worked on a series of front-end, marketing and startup related projects to a full and modular html and css approaches
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
Collaboration through git is almost a must for any developer nowadays, there are lots of tricks of using it properly.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 4 years experience
Working in coffeescript alongside rails
Wordpress WordPress - 6 years experience
Consulting in a major series of marketing sites and agencies
No icon CSS - 3 years experience
Using it everyday, be it responsive or nay
No icon Shell - 8 years experience
Just tooling and scripting around
No icon Interviewing - 3 years experience
Been hiring for various teams and startups in London, also maintaining interview processes and testing candidates.
No icon Phoenix - 1 year experience
Getting really involved into phoenix
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Alexander explained everything with details. Highly recommend for any issues.
William Jan 13, 2017

Great teacher and brilliant programmer.
Jane Sep 16, 2016

Great session. Alexander explains everything with detail. Great mentor.
William Aug 16, 2016

Great mentor!
Henrique Elias Aug 13, 2016

Great mentor! Awesome!
Henrique Elias Aug 13, 2016

RECOMMEND A+++ Minimal time and context was needed for him to understand what I need. I've hired about 5 different mentors so far from Codementor and Alexander is by far the best. • Best experience • Best teacher • Best communicator He responses fast and works faster!! Thanks again :)
Brian Curliss Jul 22, 2016

Great general resource, architect and debugger for rails. Plus his approach imparts knowledge to mentees like myself.
William Gillett Jul 20, 2016

Great approach. Sound advice.
William Gillett Jul 19, 2016

Awesome - recommended!
Max Carlson Jul 17, 2016

Really quick and educational chat. Would definitely come back if I run into other problems.
Jeanette Haugsdal Jul 15, 2016

Wow! So simple so quick and easy! I learned a few things too!
Misty Summers Jul 14, 2016

He is awesome!!
Yasunaka Cho Jul 14, 2016

Lin Z Jul 13, 2016

Very very helpful mentor. Very knowledgeable and patient.
Nobuyuki Fujioka Jul 12, 2016

Alexander was very knowledgeable and helpful. Session went quickly because he was able to quickly assess my needs and my work, then get started with helping with new code.
Patrick Campbell Jul 11, 2016

Very patient and knowledgeable, was good to work with him. Solved my problems and provided additional support.
Michael Schmitz Jul 08, 2016

Alexander was really helpful in showing how the issue needed to be fixed. Will request again for future help.
Jen Jul 07, 2016

He was very patient and an excellent teacher.
Diedrie Redley Jul 06, 2016

A lot of information to process but very knowledgeable and extremely helpful!
CYG Jul 06, 2016

Alexander was quick and extremely efficient. I jumped in with my questions, and he was patient while I caught up!
Sarah Sareh Jul 04, 2016

Alexander was great. He solved my problem in record time and was able to explain it all along the way.
Aaron Warman Jul 03, 2016

Alexander is a very helpful and knowledgeable professional with an excellent communication skills. I became more confident that I found a potentially great mentor. Thank you Alexander.
Hesham ELMAHDY Jul 03, 2016

Very good mentor takes time to explain and works until a solution is found for your problem.
William Jul 01, 2016

Worked with Alex a few times & very helpful as always
Ernesto Rivas Jun 26, 2016

Excellent mentor, he works very fast and got right to the issue. Thank you very much :)
Alicia Prather Jun 25, 2016

He's awesome
sarah Jun 24, 2016

Worked with Alex this morning and was very knowledgeable & patient. Would definitely work with him again.
Ernesto Rivas Jun 22, 2016

Very good session always explains everything with detail
William Jun 20, 2016

Very good mentor and explains everything with detail. Highly recommend.
William Jun 13, 2016

Edward Babbage May 22, 2016

Alex is great, I appreciated his work a lot.
Nathan Windsor May 11, 2016

Edward Babbage May 11, 2016

Alexander is the man!
Edward Babbage May 11, 2016

Alexander is a fantastic code mentor. His English is crystal clear and he really knows his stuff.
Edward Babbage May 10, 2016

very helpful, available, will use again!
Vera Zabeida May 02, 2016

My problem wasn't solved, but only because he wanted to save me time, so showed me the steps and let me go on to do it myself, then ping him back if I got stuck again. Very helpful and respectful of my time!
Taj Carson May 01, 2016

Great job!
eric shew Apr 29, 2016

Excellent help!! We didn't solve the issue, but I am going in the right direction!
Todd Trimakas Apr 21, 2016

Thanks Alexander K for your quick and thorough support!
Paul Williams Apr 21, 2016

I could not figure out how to share my computer setting. So we did not get to my issue but my mentor was very helpful and let me reschedule.
Arissa Apr 21, 2016

Fixed my issue with ease
Ben Rohald Apr 20, 2016

Awesome! Very quickly understood the root of the issue and helped me recognize the solution.
Kelly Becker Apr 19, 2016

Great Communication! He explained everything in great detail. Very Helpful!
Jon Malave Apr 19, 2016

Very helpful. Problem was solved in no time
Ben Rohald Apr 17, 2016

He was very helpful and guided me through problems thoroughly and patiently while showing me alternative ways to think about solutions.
Alfonso Ruiz Apr 17, 2016

Very polite, and professional and helpful. Very patient and understanding. Spoke great English.
Will Booth Apr 16, 2016

Very helpful.
Will Booth Apr 16, 2016